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Third Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2008


I'm Tired (just because)

by Skylar Ead

Age 16

I'm tired of the lies my look tells

I'm tired of the false thoughts it sells

I'm tired of how I'm unable

to shed the air tight skin of my untrue label

I'm tired of trying to stop the glances

afraid of upsetting the non-existent balance

when all I want is the lone chance to be judged for me.

Can you even see?

Just because I've stepped on my board

Jumping and skating with my hoard of friends

Enjoying the freedom of life before it ends

You can't just assume I am my board

That I don't carry around the fear of the Lord, or

That by my clothes I must be dirt poor, or

I don't have any words to say

that could and would floor you any day.

And just because I play on my guitar

Fiddling with my dreams of being a star

Stop thinking that I sneak out and smoke in my car

everytime I can

Or that instead of playing for the sake of

a greater plan

I'm obviously not anything more than,

A washed up druggee, only trying to defy

my parents and their great design

When in truth my IQ implies

your smartest response can only be "good-bye"

Or just because I'm all dressed in black

And don't mind calling you out on your lack

of knowledge and compassion, whenever you start

And yet, somehow you've made it that I've got no heart?

Or maybe some deliberate scars on my arms

It couldn't be that I've got the voice of a pioneer

Ready to declare my mind with the words of a sincere pen

to help the mere mortal face their fears, truly hear

the sheer word loud and clear, once again

But just you wait

You think that's clever?

I've got a list that could go on forever.

Like, because I'm smart I've got no friends, or

By being white I don't know discrimination, or

As a high school girl I'm inherently mean, or

How I'm consecrated naive 'cause I'm only sixteen

I could go on and on, just list and list and list, but

I'm tired of being your expired teen statistic.


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