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Third Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2007



Skylar Ead

I turn and I see
All around me
Problems arise
And I wear a disguise
Or so it seems
As I try to decide
What it all means

I turn and I see
The people to be
Brilliant, book smart
Meant for greatness—
But behind intelligent eyes
They just want to be blessed
With a normal I.Q.
So they can enjoy
What they never knew:
Games, friends
Hang out time.
And as I look I wonder
Should I make this life mine?

I turn and I see
Those skateboarding druggies
The slackers, the skaters
And the procrastinators
Having fun, hanging out
Lives without care
Shooting up, smoking pot
Sayin’ life is never fair
They live in the moment
Though it ruins their lives
Going one step at a time
Saying this, doing that
But full of hate and anger
And I wonder if I join,
Would I become a stranger?

I turn and I see
The popular crowd
Quiet grace, yet subtly loud
They look happy
Or so it seems
But in the shadow
Behind a back
They attack each other
With words and lies
Like Rome, long ago
Tearing apart from the inside
And I ask myself
Should this be my life?

I turn and I see
A girl all alone
Her eyes speak
While her words are lost
She wants to talk
To say her part
To explain who she is
As she realizes this
Her mouth opens
Ready to reveal her heart
To make her choice
I smile at the mirror
This is me
It is who I will be


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