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Third Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2006



Shikira Nesbitt

                      Dealing with life's problems and headaches

       moving to the music is my escape

                                            telling my story with so much ease

                                            ....Don't interrupt me, please....

                                           I'm in my zone

                              even in a crowded room, when I escape...

                                                                               I'm alone

                                               releasing my anger, tension, and stress

                              I can feel the bass vibrating in my chest

                                            swaying my arms

                                                        Swiveling my hips

                                                        Swiveling my legs

                             working out my problems with my body

                                             Living the music

                                                         feeling the emotion

                                             putting their story into motion

                                      My heart beating quickly

                                      My blood flowing freely

                                              My adrenaline pumping high

                                                            I'm feeling so alive

                              forgetting about the outside world

                                       and living in the beat

                                                           there's no place I'd rather be

                                       no longer remembering my problems

                              only concentrating on my movements

                                       using my body as my equipment

                                                             Then the bass fades

                                                             and the music dies down

                                        my heart beats slow

                                    and my movements cease

                                                      I return back to reality

                                                               and leave my zone

                                    relaxed and ready to move on

                             after telling the story of a three minute song




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