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Second Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2008


I Cry For You

by Vanessa Lewis

Age 17

I cry for you.

Because I watch you wither away.

I watch you disappear

More and more each day.

The you I once knew is gone.

The time you've wasted in your misery is gone.

And soon you'll be gone too.

That's why I cry for you.

I cry for all you could be.

I cry for all your sunken dreams.

You've become a fallen oak tree.

That once stood strong and tall,

But now the ground is where you sleep.

Now my tears fall like a waterfall,

And the hurt flows deep.

Once you were a grape on a beautiful vine,

But now you've dried crisp in the sun.

Inside you there was something so precious it was almost divine.

But now I see you lying here, slowly dying.

There's no where for us to hide, no where for us to run.

Away from the demons that destroy your soul.

Away from the monsters that are in control.

I cry for you.

But you're too weak to dry my tears.

I cry for you.

But your mind is too distant to whisper sweet comfort in my ears.

Why do I have to watch you die?

I cry for you.

You're too high to even see me when I cry.

I cry, I cry for you.


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