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Second Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2006


Macabre in Human Angst

Albert Serrano

Amidst my feet

lie endless beat

from where my soul

devote to me.

What are my options

when my heart

tells me what to do?

Why am I lost?

For lost in space

divulged from


If you're there

to make me happy

why has sadness

overcome me in drought.

If you have seen

all my interknitting

then why do you tangle

in such a web?

If you have studied

then why do I know

more than you?

Ah, such questions

I ask of you.

Yet, you stand there

divulged from truth.

Whilst you mingle

in Houdini rope

as a catalyst to

a madman's hope.

While you ask of me

for my past

hence you handle

with such a task.

And as a tumor of a heart

beat to the droplets

of a storm.

I only ask

what have you done

to attract such scorn?

Yet, you stand there

divulged of truth.

As I lay,

Away from you.



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