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Second Place Teen Poetry Contest Winner, 2012

The Elves of North Forest

by Julianne Cheatham

When I put on my traveling hat,
I zoom off just like that.
I can fly here, I can fly there,
I can fly through time, thoughts, and air,
I go to the land where the elves play,
Dancing by night and hiding by day,
Near the elves’ favorite place to prance,
There is a stream doing water’s dance,
The stream is a gush, a great big flow,
The bank is mossy rocks placed just so,
Up to the water walks a young deer,
The beautiful water inviting her here.
The doe drinks, bathed in golden rays,
Of the sunlight of midsummer days,
The rays grow longer until they go,
Slipping away, as does the doe.
Pearly hues stretch the horizon wide,
And green clad elves come from ev’ry side,
A pavilion of sticks lies in a glen,
The elves light golden lanterns and then,
The elves twirl and leap in a dancing rage,
Bowing with grace to their elf queen, Sage.
The white moon shines bright, strong and true,
Queen Sage gathers her skirts and dances, too.
Fireflies fill the glen with light,
With dancing and music--what a sight!
The forest all lit up just like a dream,
The elves are all happy, or so it would seem,
How jolly and good an elf’s life must be,
Without all the things that would bother me.
How different from that is modern today,
No dancing, no singing, no time to play,
What the world has come to I really don’t know,
We must always remember to take it quite slow.
So put on your traveling hat just like me,
And no one knows where you might be,
For in the forest on a midsummer night,
When the lovely, pearly moon is bright,
The elves will come out to sing and to play,
Dancing by night and hiding by day.


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