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Second Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2011



by Taj Johnson

Don't flatter yourself or nothing.

This was due today, had to write something,


Were like Katniss and Peeta


We're like Goku and Vegeta


We're like Goku and Frieza

Fighting all the time through the episodes

Guess who didn't want to let you know

When we broke up it shocked me like PikaChu

But what's it to you?

You're some worn out nike shoes

That used to be shiny and new

Taught me life was what you make of it

Used to drive me craziest

Heard that God was love and then you turned atheist

Breakup kinda burnt me

Like boiling oil to the lap-

Kinda burnt me

The type of burn that you wish it were a slurpee

But we can't stay burnt forever

Evenetually we all get better.


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