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Second Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2010



by Kya McGruder

Loving and Hoping.
Leaving and Dying.
Creating and Being.
Kissing and Sleeping.
Drinking and Crying.
Lying and Staying.
Breathing and Seeing.

Hearing, not Listening.
Looking, not Seeing.
There, not here.
Heaving, not breathing.
Nowhere to be found.
Unfair and Betrayed.
Not seen, nor Heard.
Gone to Forget.
Loving, not in Love.
Playing with Minds.
Not afraid to Die.
Climbing All the Walls.
Great days to Insanity.
Cursing the Sky.
Only wanting to Fly.
Stuck on the Ground.
Done and Complicated.
On my Own.
Under Control.

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