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2013 Teen Poetry Contest Entries


Teen Open Mic Night 2013

Elibeth G.
Our Time is Gone

Elibeth G.
Dying Heart

Allison C.
Memory Lane

Mario V.

Claire H.
That Girl

Claire H.
The Swift Horse

Devon W.

Christine S.

Misty B.

Jakeyla W.

Misty B.
Untitled 2

Destiny C.

Destiny C.

Catherine M.
“In Five Years”

Rowan P.


Angelica A.

McKenzie B.
Being Silent

Alexia V.

Jehojada M.
Life as I Know It

Jehojada M.
Life’s Final Blow

Carrigan R.
Ballad of the id

Adam A.
I Miss You

Jared H.
Inanimate Object

Yeseleina Q.

Rallia V.
My Lost Soul

Ashlyn M.

Christian K.

David R.

Talisa D.
I Deserve

Kayla G.
The old man

Kayla G.

Sabrina W.

Sabrina W.
Untitled 2

Zoe M.

Zoe M.
Untitled 2

Shelby H.


Jakeyla W.

Joann M.

Ivan O.

Edgar C.

Ashlyn M.

Damariz C.

Christian K.
The Call Of Poseidon

Christian K.

Sarah C.
"Kayla's Poem"

Stephanie L.
Island of Broken Toys

Emily J.
Hobby Of Books

Emily J.

Kevin M.
The Battle

Dianne M.

Christie R.

Lorina M.

Christie R.

Jori H.
Hell Above

Jori H.
Killing Me

Jordan H.
To Look Back

Ashley C.
Finally Free

Christie R.


Elibeth Guerrero
Our Time is Gone

Happy were the years we were together
Our love has gone to the forgotten place
I thought we'd be always and forever
But theres no going back, life has no backspace
I witness you walking away through my eyes
My heart bleeds upon the shattered pieces
I'm covered with the insanity of your lies
Can't help it but my love for you decreases

Your deep wounds of cruel words linger around
The words are deeply carved inside my mind
Wishing I could trap them and bury them underground
Forgetting them and leaving them very far behind
I'll replace your memory with a new love
I must quietly disappear like you have done



Elibeth Guerrero
Dying Heart

Throbbing trench in her traumatized heart
Liquid leaks of sadness drop
The blood cells rush within it
Blood black vessels pop
Her last heart beat sings
Deep scars are left on top
Her heart opens her wings
Now flying to paradise without a cop
He broke her heart in half
and all he does is laugh


Allison Coombs
Memory Lane

Jane sits on her porch
Watching the cars go by
And the kids running around playing tag

She hears the sound of the kids laughing while running
Watching them reminds Jane of when she was a kid
When the only care in the world was if it was going to that day

As the cars drive by she thinks of high school
All the times she drove down that same road
Blasting the music and singing with all her friends

As Jane looks back on her life
She realizes that if she were to die today
She would die with a smile on her face
She lived a happy life.


Mario A. Vargas

Still enigmatic got static running through me like wool fabric
Wondering should we be praising God or science
Are we just trillions upon trillions of atom interacting
Asking what are we in six years every gear gets now and then
Are we here or already dead?
Contradicting zombies devouring the plate
Honestly I would love to say I’m not one of them to feel superior in front of my peers
But still bleed a tear because I can’t relate
How can change the world with no people in them
That’s like a violinist without a violin
Is violence survival bended by humankind to be known as homicide?
Why do we have the primal need to want is it a gauntlet?
For the things we can’t touch
Why is music in me?
Scientist it releases dopamine
The ancient Greeks say its food for the spirit
As for me my opinion is forming clearly



Claire Hoon
That Girl

That girl changes,
never the same.

That girl in green,
she’s as tough as an uncooked bean.

That girl in blue,
she’s calm like the ocean.

That girl in purple,
she’s elegant like a queen.

That girl in yellow,
she’s as bright as a sunflower.

That girl in red,
she’s a spicy chili.

That girl in pink,
she’s a lovely flower.

That girl in orange,
she’s as energetic as a basketball.

That girl changes,
never the same.



Claire Hoon
The Swift Horse

A snowstorm in Utah,
What a terrible thing.
For I was sick and she was whimpering.

The poor animal and I,
Were headed back,
Back to the cabin.

The disappointing day was almost at an end,
And I was so tired.

Gripping tightly as she went,
A few swift gallops,
And we were back.


Devon Wroten
Dreaming of a more realisticreality by Lucid Imagination~

In my dream, I fall asleep
Hoping to wake up yesterday, in my own reality
In a capitalistic society, with no social classes
You could bargain the cost of living because the price is cost free
On the edge of the horizon where the solid blue and the bright gold meet You would never grow old because you only live as long as you please Here in that land, the sun does not carry the breeze.
For it is a utopian world with no strangers
And you always take the risk because the risk are inevitably risk free.
You work for your neighbor for no incentive because you were raised to see That everyone around you and everything that may be, is truly your dearest of family Because my vision of the world can not exist, only because you say it can't be. But unclasp your hands, get off your knees, just please, stop worshipping and see That we are all the god that we speak of, whether the devil below or the father above
The fish in the streams, the leaves on the trees, the air that we breathe It's just one smaller part of the whole being and the whole meaning because truthfully You, I, it and we, are all the god that we seek, we can make heaven on earth eventually Trust me, we can, It's easy, I know because I found the truth in my sleep.



Devon Wroten

Low and behold my humble abode
The frog and the toad with light heavy loads
A snap of a sparkle in rain drops delight
A piece of the sky in inverted night
To cry and to die with dismayed truthful lies
Through doors of the mind and wet sands of the time
Oh no, well no, it's too easily harder to find
A laugh and a smile with no jokes in the mind
Low and behold my humble abode
I birthed through my past and tied down my life
My mother and brother, that sister of mine
No pictures on the fridge, no have a good time
But no one beholda a humble abode
No frogs helping toads carry the light heavy loads
May mars lay down roads for humans to cross
May April March on to the past future road
A horizontal door welcomes my not so humble abode
So Forget to remember this humble poem I think that I wrote.



Christine Sarkis

To ride on their backs
As they gallop through meadows
The wind through their manes



Misty Boyce

There is peace in solitude. There is happiness in unexpectedness. There is comfort in timelessness. Happiness is much like a feather, once high above, and out of reach, now alighted and among footsteps. Those that are presumed to be greedy will swoop down at once and take what they think they deserve. Happiness is an entity all on it’s own. Not something that can be experienced when one is ill at heart. Life graces us all in subtle ways, that which can hurt, or reassure, both exceptional, both gifts. Whether we have earned this life, whether we are sad, or happy, we are lucky. When we can depend on ourselves for love, and for support, there will be peace and tranquility to follow. Those around us, indefinitely impact our joy, to not expect a thing, rids your life of disappointment. Keeping track of time, is more like a guillotine hanging over your head than anything else. Man alone counts the hours and days and years, so we alone fear time running out. We cause ourselves grief, and anxiety. When will we simply live life properly? Its possible to live to the fullest the first time around, and not need a second go. Fear can weigh anybody down, anger is irrelevant, and should never last more than an instant.
The sky hasn’t fallen, the leaves haven’t crumbled underfoot, birds are still singing, and you can still smile. A bad day, a good day, everyday. Count your breaths and don’t forget to forgive, resentment leads to sinking endlessly. To the bottom For what reason?
If given a seed would you plant it readily? Given the tools for happiness, can you attempt to start over? Like the rain that once fell onto the sidewalk, it makes its way to the dirt and fill up the clouds, sadness can fill up a room, the most empty of rooms at that. But alas, that is no room we should ever sit in.


Jakeyla Walker

Darkness is a brooding and mysterious part of the night, creatures lurking and dark spirits arising from a deep sleep.
Darkness is not light, but pitch black, surrounding you in claustrophobia, and swallowing you whole.
Darkness is the time for night creatures to come out and hunt for their prey. The time for dark spirits to awaken, and drag you away, screaming into the night.


Misty Boyce
Untitled 2

All I expected was acknowledgement, but instead I met judgment.
Like an angel, made of glass, breaks a wing, it’ll never last.
Eager and anxious every day, stolen breaths turned hazy gray.
I am the fool I never once was, denial helps, it always does.
The mistreatment and depression did not leave me a great impression. At first though, you were neither friend, nor foe.
I was always alone, frozen, but that was the life I had chosen.
When we met, sparks flew, you loved me, and I loved you.
Years of abandonment, no one to take care of me, how more pathetic could I possibly be? I need; like other people want, I don’t have desires, not gems I intend to flaunt. At times when I needed, when words could save me, I was flicked off, like an unwanted flea.
The lesson here is not to expect happiness, because there will always be an antagonist. You take what you want, demand it, then hold it dear, you must commit. All you left me with wasn’t much; anger, disappointment, confused and out of touch. The worst part is, no one is like you, I love you and yet I haven’t got a clue. In fairy tales, they tell you love is pure, and true, then why is my heart an ominous hue?
Unable to regret, unable to cry, I’m numb, I don’t know how I even survive. We need locks on our hearts, to keep away intruders from the very start. Don’t drown your sorrows, let them rise, scrape off the muck and behold it with your eyes. No truer words have been spoken, pain shouldn’t be hidden, but broken.


Destiny Chesser

America the beautiful
America the free
You have created a prosperous life for me
In the past there have been struggles
Which we are continually fighting
The common crusade
Proved to be unting
America the beautiful
America the free
You have givin us our rights
Bestowing all Americans with liberty
Each person created equal
Deserving of the some rights
Compared to other contries,
America has reached new hights
America the beautiful
America the free



Destiny Chesser

I see a star wondering what it is doing
Twinkling all the night
Star light .... Star bright
The most beautiful star in the sky, sparkled like a diamond
I start to make a wish upon that wishing star
My lucky star
Shining with joy, ever so brilliantly
Shining star, shining star
You are my guiding star
The bright star
The innocent star
Twinkle twinkle little star



Catherine Mbionwu
“In Five Years”

Where am I gonna be
In five years you ask?
I’ll be living my life,
And forgetting the past.

You might see me in college,
Maybe outta state.
‘Cuz I be studyin’ medicine,
And getting’ that doctorate.

From nine to five
You can find me at work
Then I come home
‘N’ teach my baby girls how to twerk!

I won’t miss my high school;
Just the ball I played.
But I will miss my girls
‘Cause of all the great memories that we made.

At my high school reunion
I’ll see all the people that hated.
They’ll see me and ma boy ballin’
And I’ll tell ‘em thanks, ‘cuz they kept me motivated.

I’ll be rackin’ in the dough
And spendin’ that cash
‘Cuz my kids know not
To throw a penny in the trash.

They say I’m successful
But I ain’t gonna brag
‘Cuz when I walk in the club
I be rockin’ those coach and Gucci bags.



Rowan Perodin

Petal by petal
I fall apart.
Not at all knowing
That his love for me was tart.
My thorn growing
Even longer.
And my stem becoming
Even stronger.
As my color
fades away.
My love for you
Will disapper; away.
The weight of love
Makes me feel like
I'm hualing a boat.
When I go to heaven
I know I will.



Alexsis Maldonado

You see her every day
When she's walking by
A empty soul, a broken case
A voice with no reply,
A voice with no one inside
You avoid this girl.... Why????
Because of what she does
Because of what she did???
Because of who she knows,
Or is it, who she hangs with???
She changed the way she looked
You still don't see
The way she talked, the way she walked,
"And who is she"
They still don't know
She is gone mentally,
Not physically she has left you and me
So has no name
She is that girl
End of game



Angelica Acevedo

Families suddenly separated
By a little horror called divorce
The child gets very agitated
And filled with deep remorse

She is paid no attention
Left alone to think and cry
Ignored and judged always
Thoughtful and wanting to die

No one really knows how she feels
About this whole broken family mess
They are supposed to be helping her
But they could really care less

This whole thing needs to change
As quick as traveling light
The rules, the choice, the custody
The girl shouldn’t have to fight

The child should not be pulled
From one house to another
At age 13 she should get to pick
The home of her father or her mother

This law needs to change now
These kids need some power
It isn’t fair they have this over them
Hanging like a tower

Some have depression
Others cry themselves to sleep
Adults ignore their situation
Which causes them to weep

There is a dire need for this change
For all those kids out there
They need a voice, they need someone
They need just one person who will care

You can be that somebody
Or it could be some other person
We just need to make this change
Before things start to worsen



McKenzie Bush
Being Silent

I watch the world, never judging what happens around us.
Our lives are chosen for us, things happen for a reason, whether we like it or not. We have no decision.
Maybe if we spoke, we would be happy.
We are all silent, some more than others.
As kids we learn to be silent and watch the adults, we watch their actions, their decisions, their choices for us. What would happen if we broke the cycle? Would the world have peace, or be at war, like it is now? I ask these questions because I am like a cat that watches anything that passes by. A cat, black as night, that hides in the shadows, that runs when scared. I know there are others like me out there. The bystanders that watch people get bullied every day in the halls of a demons dungeon, scared if we speak out of turn the same will happen to us. The words are acid pouring down on you, never stopping until someone is brave enough to come in Were always told, if you, or someone you know, is being hurt tell an adult.
But we are ALL silent when it comes to helping someone in need.




Adialyz Del Valle
An Adventurer’s Tale

The three points are the key,
Three clues each, will guide thee,
To the sunken city under the big blue,
Where creatures of the sky once flew,
Now buried deep in the sand,
Where only a few have met it first hand.

There lies one guardian, his snout long and his teeth sharp,
Some find his voice charming and as melodic as a harp,
His disciples very witty and small,
Their snapping jaws that help them maul,
Only one will pass this test,
A heart pure will rise above the rest.

The madam of the ocean her figure revealing a bright glow,
Dark creatures lie where no one else dares to go,
Her test will show the pure of heart how to use her newfound fin,
Her small watcher will be the prize that the adventurer will win,
The second clue she will bestow,
Upon the wrist of the girl as white as snow.

Flame and Gods will guide her faithful ship to shore,
The native filled island she shall explore,
Her loved ones now captured, she must linger through the night,
Dressed in gold and silver the natives praise her with delight,
After everything is said and done,
The third clue and a tail is what will guide her to the action.

Her gills and fins now guide her in the deep,
A most unsettling guardian lies below, asleep,
She sees the city and cannot believe before her eyes,
The city buried deep before the human’s eyes.

Marble and tiles now corroded on the seafloor,
Bright treasure and golden pillars are the city’s decor,
A guardian now awoken and his scales rippling,
A statue he once was but now is fully living.

His job is to face the Pure One and see what everyone sees,
A girl who’s heart is pure and has eyes as blue as the sea,
Dodging and evading both playing the game of death,
Our adventurer trying to escape Death’s foul breath,

The ocean now her home she used as an advantage,
For she now spoke the tongue of the sea, a completely foreign language.
The guardian’s mind cleared as he heard the girl’s call,
She only sought the view and all of the scribe’s scrawl.

Our adventurer now with her new treasure,
A whole Ancient code she must now decipher,
But for now the courage she gained will help her be wise,
Once again human it’s her family that asks all the whys.

Explaining her tale as they set sail,
Everyone now knows that she has prevailed,
Reminiscing the time she spent with her beloved fish tail.

As everyone knows a true adventure lies,
deep down in your heart where it will someday catch you by surprise.


Alexia M. Valle Velez

Growing up with out a father,
But with a grandfather and a stepdad.
Sad and confused in someways.
A step dad just like a father,
but still missing that thought
knowing who he really is.

It just feels like being lost
in this world. Growing up with
a mom, a grandmother, grandfather
and a few years later a stepdad.
I wonder how it feels to
even know your reall dad!

Photographs and stories are
not enough. But at the same
time not wanting to know him.
Just feeling confused. I wonder
how if feels to have a dad
that loves you and cares
for you.....


Carrigan Raketic
I Have a Whole in My Head

I have a hole in my head.
It's not that big - (not that large really)
Like the skin and bone disappeared
And a gap was left in its stead.

Oh, but I don't mind it Fig -
I only noticed it yesterday, you see.

Tell me a story -
Oh! Please, please do!
There is a hole in my head
Waiting for words to pass through.

I'm sorry, but could you say that again?
I didn't catch a word that you said.
It's like the words floated right through my head!

I've just found another hole on my right,
It's just as big as the other on the left...
I wonder if my brain is all right,
Perhaps there's been a theft?

I hear your words,
I hear you talking -
Yet, they don't stay inside,
The words just keep on walking.

My dear Fig, what am I to do?
I'm having trouble paying attention to you.
Oh, you're not boring - Not by far!
I just can't figure out where your words are.
Ah! There they are, they're floating away -
Gone today not left to stay.
But talk again - I'll see if I can catch them!
I'll cup my ears and try and clamp them!

Ah Ha, it worked!
I remember what you said!
But oh, oh wait,
Now your words are stuck in my head.

Perhaps, now I have a whole in my head.
Ah, no, just a grammar pun instead.


Jehojada Merilan
Life as I Know It

Life as I knew it. I was little the world was great, but sometimes it seems as if the realization of it all came just too late. I was Growin’ up as a youngin’ I was naïve and dumb. But little did I know of the things to come, as I got older I wanted to hide from the daunting face of reality. However soon I was faced with a short lived tragedy. I lost my grandmother at the age of six but did not understand death; however everyone around me was a mess. It seems as if she had lay down and gone into an eternal rest. My mother, she cried for days, but little ole’ me sittin’ around lookin’ for ways to stop the tears that were flowin’ down her face. Life as I knew it. Flash forward a few years my mom is all alone. It seems as if the recent divorce has turned her heart into stone. I’m only nine it’s nothin’….right? It didn’t only hurt her, it hurt me too. My grades suffered, but my sky was still blue. I got past it, but it seems every day we were playing family feud. But if it’s one thing, I refused to let it bring down my mood. Life as I Know it. 7 Years later and I’m struttin’ my stuff. Junior in high school, but some things are still tough. Oh, how I would love a hiatus from the world’s problems. But I am strong, my fire will stay lit, this is life…as I know it.



Jehojada Merilan
Life’s Final Blow

Death, a man I am soon to meet. At his touch I pass from this world into an endless void of nothingness.

Around me are those I love. My mother, face swollen from tears that flow infinitely. With my words I soothe her, only to calm the impending doom I am to face.

The woman who holds my heart is at my side, my hands tucked in hers, she lowers herself to give me a soft kiss on the cheek, her face, drenched in tears. The scent of her perfume fills my nose, oh how I will miss it.

My brother, sits outside, though filled with grief, he sits in anger. Cursing at god, wishing it hadn't been me in here. He glances at me a few times through a small window above the chair directly across from me; I see the tears and the disappointment in his eyes.

My sister sits in the small room, and screams into her phone, begging my father, who’s self-pride has hindered him from seeing his own son, one last time.
We all jump, and chills run down my spine as I hear a buzzer, a reminder of the time I have left with my family. The guard walks in the room, with an expressionless face, he says, “Five minutes.”

I want nothing more than to hug everyone here, but the cold steel that wraps both my wrists with a vice grip prevent me from doing so.

I close my eyes in self-pity. I’m scared, I’m angry, I’m a murderer. I put myself in this situation. Always aiming at an adversary.

With the final buzz, two men are sent in, and I begin my walk of death, and look at my loved ones, one last time.

On my way, to be executed.


Carrigan Raketic
Ballad of the id

Walking down a dirt-strewn path,
It rains down hard as lightning lights my way.
I wonder how I've gotten here—
Here in this dark place dreary,
Cold and wet;
And they wonder why I don't feel at home yet.
My soaked hair plastered to my face,
As I look around at this dreary place,
I stir puddles with my feet on this cobblestone street,
Muddy and cold—the rain keeps its rhythmic beat,
Pouring down on this cobblestone street.
No one walks these broken streets;
Afraid of something they might meet;
For devils lurk beneath these broken cobblestone streets.
Stone buildings line each-which-way,
Of this unknown place in which I stay,
Gargoyles perched up high,
Staring down on passersby—
Their hard stone eyes hollow it seems;
But full of torment in childhood nightmares,
In those ever hollow stares;
That haunt our dreams.
The windows dull and unclear,
Looks as if they haven't been seen through in years.
Blackened doors seal off what is inside,
Others ajar, showing they have nothing to hide.
The sky dim and gray—
An overcast day keeps the smile away—
Or I guess that's just what I always say.
The cobblestone street ends—
Leading to a dirt path that bends;
It stretches far as if it never ends.
As if with minds of their own,
My legs follow the dirt path they were shown.
I hug closer my only warmth,
My coat of wool and down—
Down to my knees it reaches now
I hug it closer, closer still—
Keeping out the icy chill.
I feel cold as I walk through a forest of bare trees;
Wind howling strong—
While a sad song plays through the branches of these.
I see tombstones, many kinds and walk along side them—
Like I have many times.
I see many people,
Gathered around a new grave;
No tears in their eyes—
No sadness or grief—
Of dull emptiness resounds inside,
Of their souls they wish to reap.
I walk near—
But as I walk closer no one seems to care,
Or hear my crunching footsteps as I cross the stiff grass—
Untouched by rain—
As I draw near.
I pass by people, and they disappear—
As I draw near.
I step to the front,
Onto the newly laid ground and look at the gravestone—
Stuck in the ground.
I look down at the stone, stuck in the ground,
All alone;
No gravestone beside it—
No flower that's pretty—
The name of a girl scratched upon its face,
A girl of 13 with a kind smile;
Has been here for a little while.
They say she died on this night—
No family.
No birthright.
No cause of death.
Just disappeared; and was left a grave.
Just the grave and a name;
And like her, I'm the same,
And soon the people leave.
I'm alone;
With only me and my gravestone.


Adam Anderson
I Miss You

No words I write can ever say
how much i miss you but, every night i dream
about how much i want to hug and kiss you.
As time goes by the loneliness grows
oh how i miss you, nobody knows..
i think of you in silence
i often speak your name but all i have
are memories and photos in a frame
no one knows my sorrow
no one sees my weep
but the love i have for you
is in my heart and mine to keep
Heartaches in this world come in many
But mine are worse than any
My heart still aches as i whisper low
"i need you and i MISS YOU SO...


Jared Hines
Inanimate Object

This pen,
What it holds can astonish your brain.
Logic would say, “Some ink inside of plastic,
It’s nothing really fantastic.”
But it is, you must look past logic to see,
Look through and you’ll understand me,
Deep in the ink there’s something alive,
Influencing others to die or thrive.
This ink possesses so many jobs,
Held in the hand of history that throbs.
Like when, black liquids landscaped his plan of destruction,
That put so many, in a camp of construction.
Or the time his cursive signature began a new presidency,
Look into the future, they are wincing.
And the occasion the pen brought revolution.
Free rights for blacks was no longer an erasable illusion.
Unfortunately though, death it would promote,
When ink’s last message wrote.
Bleeding, it bled through the paper.
Within its atoms was a man jumping from a skyscraper.
Then logic would say, “How can.. some ink inside of plastic,
Do so much and be oh so fantastic?”
So protect that ink, that rests in its soft shell,
As it lays in hearts, in both heaven and hell.


Yeseleina Quinones

Did you forget all the things we did?
All the things we had.
Did you forget all the things
that we're good and bad?

I remember you and me.
The way we used to be.
Whenever you we're in your time in need,
I always there to help you believe.

But now I am faded,
Blown away.
Since we seperated,
Things we're never the same.

Why did they take us apart.
Which made us so far.
Long ago,
Under the willow.

It was such a long time,
That I am erased from your mind.
Why did you forget and I remember?
Our Last September, Together.

Save our memory.


Jonathan De Jesus
Free My Body but Trap My Mind

If I could become a superhero
My superpower would be invisibility.
With this ability most would become peeping toms or thieves
That is what sets me apart from most.

With the ability to become invisible, transparent, an object composed of atoms and molecules that either absorb light or allow it to travel through them at the object's conscious convenience.
Something so unsettling
I would be at peace for once.

We as a society do not behold our unique visual embodiment in contentment. We tinker and fidget at our imperfections once others have made us aware of them and we've measured our value accordingly . We spend our lives trying to fix something that isn't broken.

If I'm made in my God's image either he's overrated or I'm a failed rendition attempt. Corinthians 6 verse 19 of The Holy Bible states that my body is the temple of the holy spirit. On the contrary, my body is an interior designer's home who has bad taste and I treat it as such.

People make observational statements like "You're ugly.", and fail to realize that I agree with them. To my devoted critics, I propose that we collaborate our distaste for my anatomy and find a solution. A make over wont suffice. For us to thoroughly iron out the kinks we must perform plastic surgery. I know what you're thinking and yes, it would cost an arm and a leg but I'm already 17 steps ahead of you. I have a toolbox in the dingy shed out back; some Ambien in my medicine cabinet; and a pain threshold so high you'd think you were cutting me... cake.

All you must scavenge is bravery

But you don't detest me enough to follow through now do you?
I'd bet my bottom dollar that you even cringe at the theoretical plan that has no plausible premise
You are cut from the same cloth that cowardice soldiers raise to surrender
Edgar Allen Poe can find sanity in taking a man's life because of his insignificant eye. My entire body should be a just excuse if not a reason in itself to go as far as ending me.
You wouldn't dare dip your toe in the pool of abhorrence your tongue has secreted yet I find myself resisting then drowning in it each and every day
I could drown in peace if I was invisible.
When did people begin using words as if they doubt their effects
Remember when you once believed that lightning never strikes twice in the same place? Maybe you still do.
It's a myth.
Trust me, I know what it's like to hear something so often that you begin to believe in it
Ugly is my religion
I was not converted
I was forcefully indoctrinated
Blinded of the beautiful truth
This is how an ability as empowering as a superpower can still further oppress someone
This is how you make a slave.



Dylan Craig
"My Samurai Sword"

My samurai sword
The blade is made of hard steel
It is super sharp

It's made from Japan
To you, you may see a price
To me it's priceless

I love it so much
I could not live without it
It's my everything


Jonathan De Jesus
Contentment and Knowledge are an Impossible Combination

If progress is to learn from the mistakes in my raps
Then i wont be safe to relax/ until my eraser is black
The shadow of doubt can be cast/ the second you're facin' the facts
Light at the ends of vacant tunnels I rap in favor of that
Will never cater to wrath/ 'cause life's a a haymaker, it's crass
You must embrace it to last/ 'fore you become slave to a badge
Or a patient who's daft/ you could receive an ace in a flash
Just be true to who you are, don't lose your face to a mask
There's poverty tucked in every county
CREAM Cash Ruins Everything Around Me
I drop jewels for commiters of bloody sins
Cause there's no diamond in the rough only a ruffian
My third organ eye is organized
Towards forcin' torpid minds/ to finally find the force to drive
I will devote forth the time/ that's granted to this corpse of mine
So that while on the course to die/ yo' life will flash before my eyes

Karma's not a lesson when you don't know where your noggin is
Practice makes perfect and we're oblivious to the consequence
Perfectly flawed, I keep it realistic to keep all consciousness
Audience drones submit to deception, I am optimus
An optimist when all hope is gone and the pit is bottomless
These stone cold streets are H-E double hockey sticks
Profit pigs/ often mix/ garbage with/ oxygen
Thugs die for the block but are scared to pursue it's politics
You're misunderstood when actions and passion often contradict
Bravery, the thought of a glock marks the loss of it
If you're in the streets claimin' you run it you preposterous
Effective power is given in the government offices
Bump an Achille's heel, speak from the sole or put a sock in it
I would die for my beliefs but here lies what the problem is
Would you? If yes, let's test it if you're so positive
The next time you report a crime dont remain anonymous

I do the streets justice 'cause the system doesn't
Officers are paid to stop crime the poor pay to live amongst it
Forced to protect their fam' like Indians from Chris Columbus
Liftin' muskets/ you're a lost cause without a moral compass
I wonder if those sent to dungeons/ wear a grin humungous
Like carved and lit pumpkins/ once they hear the trumpets
Close to the edge man I'm inches from it
Sick to my stomach from the fiscal budget
War is winding down and the business plummets
These days we question the right to grizzly clutches
B-K will serve you with more than chicken nuggets
So we hit the buttons/ to escape with smuckers
Regurgitatin' supper/ feelin' dazed and flustured
'Cause it aint safe to slumber/ when your days are numbered
A chip off of my block would be a kid left astray to suffer
'Cause no one escapes the ghetto to return and save the others

Makes you wonder/ how you keep from goin' under


Rallia Vasquez
My Lost Soul

I closed my eyes
and took that first dive
into the lost sea.
It was almost like paradise;
the things I had dream of
was all right in front of me.
It took me down,
deeper I fell
until I hit rock bottom.

I believed you once.
It had all came,
my future disappeared before me
and my past reinvented itself.
I couldn't change who I was
to save me from myself.

All you had to say was sorry.
I was dying inside waiting for you
and the pain grew,
drowning my sorrows.
One step closer
to end it all
and you stole what was left.
Now i'm just a mess
in an ocean of depth.


David Chesnut
The Wall Crumbles

I sat there,
Quietly facing the man I swore I never would see again.
Tears fell,
Each one filled with pain,
As I stared into his dark brown eyes.

He doesn’t mean it.
He never does.
I had heard it so many times,
Listened to his apologies, watched his tears, telling us that he would change if we would only give him a
Second chance.
But every time we would accept it,
Every time we would buy into it,
The pain would only embed deeper into our hearts.
He never changed, he never would.

I could barely hold myself together.
I couldn’t stop my fingers from violently shaking.
I couldn’t stop the teardrops from falling.
I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry out in anger.
I wanted to drive a knife through his heart, pull that trigger for what he had done,
So that maybe, maybe he would feel a small amount of the pain he had caused.

I began to shake,
My whole body reacting to the emotions running through my veins.
He doesn’t deserve my love.
He doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.
He doesn’t deserve anything from me.

And yet,
As my emotions raged on,
As tears of hatred fell from my eyes,
As sharp daggers stabbed my heart every second I looked at him,
He quietly sat across from me,
Hands folded,
And silent tears falling and running down his face.

My heart warred with my mind,
Screaming that maybe he meant it this time,
That maybe, just maybe he had changed.
That maybe his eyes were finally opened to the pain he had inflicted.
But my mind shot back,
Reminding me of the hurt he’s caused,
Reminding me of why I couldn’t sleep at night anymore,
Terrified of the nightmares that would devour me in sleep.
Reminding me that he was the reason my mother was no longer alive.
Reminding me of why I passionately hated him with all my heart.

Memories of kneeling on the ground,
Holding onto my mother’s hands as she lay in a pool of blood.
Tears of pain, of anger, of hatred fell from my eyes, mixing with the red liquid.
Cradling her right hand, looking upon her left as it held the gun.
She couldn’t handle it anymore.
The pain, the beatings, the abuse, the drinking that her husband had allowed to consume his life.
She couldn’t bear it any longer,
And provided her own escape from the life she never should’ve been led into.

My body began to tremble,
My heart began to pound,
My soul began to ache,
And my veins coursed with pain.

As I looked at him,
The man who had raised me, taught me, loved me.
The man who had been there for the most crucial times of my life.
The man who told me he would never leave me,
My mind began to recreate what I saw.
Forming a different man,
Filled with pride, selfishness, and envy.
A man who had left when things got tough.
A man who abandoned us, stole from us, abused us,
And blamed us.
That’s the man I saw in front of me.

But as I stared at him,
Observing his eyes, his face, his demeanor,
I started to feel myself crawl out of my ocean of hatred.
And into the skies of reality.
And something was different this time.
Maybe it was because Mom wasn’t here.
Maybe it was the way he had approached me,
Knocking at my door weeping.
Maybe it was the sincerity, the remorse, the hope in his voice when he had said my name.
Maybe… Maybe he had changed.

His gaze held mine,
As he told me about what had happened these past few months,
How he had finished seven months in rehab,
Realizing during that time of the effect of his actions,
The pain because of what he had done.
He told me about how he thought about me, my mother every day.
And how he would do anything to go back and change the outcome of his poor decisions.
But how nothing could change the past,
And that during his rehab,
He realized that the life he was living wasn’t living at all.
He was wasting his life with every selfish decision he made,
He was throwing away the one life he was given.

He paused, wiping the teardrops away from his cheek,
Tears that I could see were real,
Tears that were filled with sincerity, with authenticity,
Tears that displayed the acceptance he had to what he had done,
Tears that wanted to fix things.
Tears that wanted to change.

I looked at him.
I could see the pain in his eyes.
I could see his broken heart, crying out with regret.
I could see his soul soften.

And at that moment, my heart shed its hard shell.
The wall of all my dad’s wrongs was slowly crumbling,
Every brick collapsing under the realization of what I had to do.
That’s when I knew how I could change from hating this man,
To loving him.

As I stared into the depths of his eyes,
As I shed my tears,
As my mouth trembled,
And my heart beat a thousand times faster,
My mind finally gave up.

It was at that moment that I knew what I had to say.
Three words that I should’ve said years ago.
Three words that would finally cause the wall between us to fall.
Three words that my heart was softly whispering to me.
Three words:

“I forgive you.”


Ashlyn McCrory

You knock me down,
Again and Again,
Yet I keep getting back up,
You think I'm going to crumble under your control,
But think again,
Who controls me?
So stop assuming I am weak,
The one who assumes that,
Is the one who is weak himself,
Who am I?
I am not you
Don’t try to tell me what I can and cannot do,
Your words are considered,
But they are not god,
So they won’t affect me,
I am me,
I make my own story and create my own life,
Glass can be broken and shattered,
But it can always be replaced...



Christian Ketcham

Lived in the ocean, finally free -
Harmonious with the sea.
Unlimited power put thoughts to sleep -
Majority, merely sheep.

Corrupt and terrible our leader be -
Cut down the sacred Knowledge Tree.
The last of God’s Power finally free -
End of the world, everyone flees.

A few of us make a stand -
We try to save the last of the land.
A sacrifice I did make -
Atlantis for the whole world’s sake.

God accepted, let us be -
A final show of His mercy.
Poseidon threw his wrath down on me -
“Outcast for all eternity!”

Little did he know - his final decree.

I left the waters, the first turned into Man -
Forever alone thanks to that ban.
In crumbling Atlantis, Poseidon cried -
City ruined, he didn’t even try.

While he sat laughing, insane mirth -
My sisters and brothers fled to earth.
Together known as woman and man -
Forever enduring hand in hand.

...Now known as Cthulhu, he calls to me -
“Someday You and Man shall set me free!”


David Renish

I feel hot,
I feel cold,
I feel young,
I feel old,
I feel sleepy,
I feel awake,
how many judgments can a person make?
Hundreds of things,
it's actually quite amazing.
They can swallow you up with love
or slaughter you with verbal razing
when it comes to the "outcast" and the crowd
it's easy to take
that the "crowd" is accepted
and the so called "outcasts" are beaten and drowned in a lake.
the jock has his date, just as he desired.
but an innocent homosexual was strapped down and set on fire.
the cool guy cracks his jokes, doesn't give a care in the world!
while the mentally challenged guy was severely beaten 'till he almost hurled.
because he was weird, queer, not singing the right song,
his speech, his walk, etcetera all of it WRONG!!!
I stand up for those,
whether the are dead or alive, I chose
to defend those who are "outcast",
one day, I hope,
that there will be a day where all of us will be equal and accepted AT LAST!!
we could be who we are.
but that's all a dream...
they CALL me an outcast and think it's funny to take,
that my emotions are garbage and absolutely fake.
Well I am PROUD to be an outcast, different, a fool though I am not.
...something that they have often forgot
some may think that my emotions are fake
well I got something for YOU SUNSHINE!!!


Rallia Vasquez
For The Ones Who Deserved It

Young and vibrant we were
But one wanted to have it all
The other didn't expect it coming
Treated wrongly for being herself
She never got what she wanted
All the attention was directed away
The oldest was nothing ever special

She tried to do well in school
Thinking this would be her big moment
Years went by
No one realized her greatness
They were only proud of the other
Who never did what it had to do
And had no reason to

Hurt by the one she cared about
She always forgave when not forgotten
Never there to teach the spoil to be selfless
It continued to hurt without a care
No sorry were ever involved
Now the oldest has grown to be fragile
And once broken, she won’t let go.


Talisa Diehl
I Deserve

I deserve to see another day. I deserve truth in another.
I deserve a loving reminder of what is good.
I deserve to let the light that shines within me to shine on everyone around me.
I deserve a peaceful glow which releases my thoughts and feelings that have been holding me back.
I deserve to accept my life and fill it with new experiences and accomplishments.
I deserve acceptance and satisfaction.
I deserve to find a love that will allow me to feel through and through.
I deserve to have a smile in my mind and heart every day.


Kayla Greaux
The old man

The air was cold as it blew across the porch

Winter was near and with it would come a hard few months

The old rocking chair groaned as the old man rocked on it

His gaze was fixed upon the children playing on the playground

He wished he was that young again, to be in his prime

He closed his eyes as a breeze passed by

But he didn’t open them again

For a very long time


Kayla Greaux

Everthing hurt
The needles where uncomfortable
And the pillows lumpy
How much longer will she have to be here?
A month? A year? Her whole life?
She knew she didn't have enough strength in her
How could she?
The recent treatment left her bone tired
And she had a feeling that when she closed her eyes
She wouldn't wake up again
Should she? To get it over with?
Battling cancer was pointless without a cure
Her family were not there
They were in the cafeteria going to get her food
She wanted to see them but she knew they wouldn't let her go
She took a deep breath and closed her eyes
And for the first time she let the darkness take over



Sabrina Wong

It's the early morning hours
and I am waiting for the sun to rise
It's beautiful and chilly
how I wish you were here with me
so you could hold me close
like you do on every chilly day
and i'll bury my face in your neck
and our hands will lock perfectly together
It's the early morning hours
and I'm still waiting


Sabrina Wong
Untitled 2

Alas, your kiss did not taste like corruption
but a sweet taste of heaven
it was as if our soul combined into one
and that we are a whole
that may never be broken


Zoe McLeod

Why risk stepping in the fire, when all you’ll get is burned?
The passion, feeling, until the body no longer yearns for the burdened pain. Eyes opened to the pulverized emotions, only shattered glass on the floor. Breathing in the choking air that only seems thicker as time prevails Red. Crimson. Red roses. Red tears.
Holding all values, but one by one, their slipping, falling, crashing, and dying. Becoming ,memories too excruciating to take into remembrance  But you can’t forget. The antagonist is stalking your mind every second. Invading your future and looming over your past while overwhelming your present. Red. Crimson. Red roses. Red tears. So tell me, why risk stepping in the fire, when all you’ll get is burned? Maybe, just maybe, you might have a red death.


Zoe McLeod
Untitled 2

I am a bird. I extend my broad wings and elevate myself. Higher into the blanketed sky. I don’t know where I shall go except away. Away from here. Away from where my misfortune stalks me. Away from where my problems strangle me, having me grasping for breath. To be stolen from my submerged presence, and lifted away. To take hold of where I will direct myself. It may not be far, but it will hold me in its arms. Give me warmth like the tingling rays of the sun. It will keep me afloat. Afloat from the grappling riverbed. The riverbed that forbids my shallow breath. It will protect me from the lion’s thorn. My wings unscarred and feathers in place. Above the clouds or below the sea, a foreign place surely awaits me. As a bird I fly, granted wings and a savior as a place. A home. One which will not hurt me. Or drag me down, crashing, losing breath. I am a bird.


Shelby Hill

In melancholy voices, we call out to our loved ones but they cannot hear, Through the everlasting darkness in which we are trapped.
We cry for help, but not a voice is heard.
So now we stand with broken angel wings, looking down at our past.
Now they are the one crying for help but we are already gone.
Lost in the thought of being lost,
Voices cry out for a heart to hold but we are close to dead.
Brain dead, soul dead, heart dead and hold dead.
Not the touch of the waves or that of who you love can heal you now.
We are broken.
Broken, by those who express hatred.
Broken, by the ones who said they loved you.
Broken, by the pointless efforts you put into life.
We are broken.
As darkness overcomes us, no power but by God might we be saved now. But really you are seated. Seated and trapped.
At a desk surrounded by those that everyone said you would love.
For months. Years now you suffered.
Suffered through life.
Suffered through love.



Life of high school
The early hours
To the late nights of exhaustion
Parents always in your ear
Saying come on the time is here
Long day in class room
Leads hours on the field
The body wants to quite
But you won’t take that kind of hit
You try to sleep in
But you’re programmed like a machine
Your chores drain your weekend
Then soon the fun slips away
And you wish you could have it back
The final night is near
And your face brings a tear
Because you have homework


Jakeyla Walker

Your heart is an organ beating in your chest beating out the rhythm of a drum. Hearts can be for Valentine's day or giving to someone you love. A heart can be happy and full of yummy sweets or a heart can be sad and full of tears. A heart can be for a wedding or anniversary or bring a smile to a heartbroken child. But hearts can also be for breaking, tearing, and throwing down the drain. Some hearts can't be fixed, like a glass shattered into a thousand pieces. Hearts are another way of saying "I love you" or hearts can be broken apart.
Hearts are for love, kindness, and gentleness although some hearts are for grief, tears, and revenge. A heart can be deep inside or you can wear it on your sleeve. A heart can give someone a smile and make them feel at ease. A cold heart stirs up wrath and anger and bring someone to tears, bring them down, and bring out their worsts nightmares. A heart should be kind and full of love, because some hearts can't stand to be torn to pieces.


Joann Mauricette

I am grateful for my education

taking me further while grasping information

so basically in translation

this is an opportunity that spreads the american nation


but sadly in other countries

people don’t have rights like you and me

they can’t explore the world, the blue sea

and they can’t be in places they wish they could be


I am grateful for my government

the ones that make an argument

for the rights that we represent

and yes there is disagreement


and yes I know

for others there is no other place to go

working all day and no time to go to and fro

factories is all they see and receiving no


I am grateful for my friends

the ones that will stick through the end

true feelings that we can’t pretend

and friendship that no one can comprehend


so appreciate what you gain

others have gone through pain

some have to walk through the ice cold rain

while you may be fine in the fast lane

so think twice

stop complaining about going to school in the morning at a free price

or dealing about eating rice

deal with it, other people want to be in your shoes that are nice


wake up in the morning, glad you’re alive

anything could happen, like a test drive

work harder than ever, go on to thrive

this life is active, this life is live


Ivan Olortegui

My days are long; my nights are busy.
Studying so much makes me so tired.
To reach my goals I press on tirelessly,
But wonder if I will get hired.
I’ve known for long what are my dreams;
My vision of the future is clear.
Yet thinking of today’s economy,
I can’t avoid but feeling fear.
How will I pay for my future dreams?
What if scholarship money is gone?
What if congress eliminates all grants?
Will my hopes of college be done?
Although the future is uncertain,
I remain focused; unwaveringly.
For in the end, those who survive,
are those who endure triumphantly.


Edgar Cintron

A million stars up in the sky
One shines brighter I can't deny
A love so precious a love so true
A love that comes from me to you
The angels sing when you are near
Within your arms I have nothing to fear
You always know just what to say
Just talking to you makes my day
I love you honey with all my heart
Together forever and never to part


Ashlyn McCrory

You knock me down,
Again and Again,
Yet I keep getting back up,
You think I'm going to crumble under your control,
But think again,
Who controls me?
So stop assuming I am weak,
The one who assumes that,
Is the one who is weak himself,
Who am I?
I am not you
Don’t try to tell me what I can and cannot do,
Your words are considered,
But they are not god,
So they won’t affect me,
I am me,
I make my own story and create my own life,
Glass can be broken and shattered,
But it can always be replaced...


Damariz Castillo

When the light approaches
And the darkness leaves,
Something within me will change forever.

I've come to wait,
I've come to realize,
That this is my path,
No one else's but mine.

It's not a choice,
But merely the cycle of life,
For when morning comes I'll change.

I won't change in an instant,
Because the changes are insignificant,
But I'll change, bit by bit,
Like a Corpse flower, that only blooms once every 15 years,
And takes its time growing.

I feel scare,
I feel alone,
The circumstances make me believe so,
For when a calamity or just a simple tragedy happens,
Time doesn't stop, but keeps on going,
That's what it scares me the most.

What if I forget my past?
What if I forget my mistakes and do them all over again?
Please don't let me forget,
For when I change, I want to be happy.

I want to bloom and become beautiful,
I don't want to change,
But if that's what it will take, I'll accept that.
It's not my decision to make,
But it's comfort for myself to be able to accept it.

I've lived for 5,479 days,
I've seen 14 summers in my lifetime,
Tomorrow I'll be 15,
15 years old.

I've accomplished and lost many deeds,
I still have a lot to live,
And it's scary in its own way.

I see a path with bumps and slides,
But little do I know if I can get to the end.
The path that I have to take has goals and fails to achieve,
But it's my own decision to succeed or not.

My life, all in all, it will change.
In the morning,
When the rays of light strike my window,
I will start blooming.
Blooming slowly at my own pace,
Blooming my way into a successful life,
Blooming into an unknown world,
Blooming without a choice.


Christian Ketcham
The Call Of Poseidon

We cast off our claws a long time ago -
Traded them for the ability to know.
Cut off our wings, shrugged off our fur -
We became the peoples known as the Mer.

Lived in the ocean, finally free -
Harmonious with the sea.
Unlimited power put thoughts to sleep -
Majority, merely sheep.

Corrupt and terrible our leader be -
Cut down the sacred Knowledge Tree.
The last of God’s Power finally free -
End of the world, everyone flees.

A few of us make a stand -
We try to save the last of the land.
A sacrifice I did make -
Atlantis for the whole world’s sake.

God accepted, let us be -
A final show of His mercy.
Poseidon threw his wrath down on me -
“Outcast for all eternity!”

Little did he know - his final decree.

I left the waters, the first turned into Man -
Forever alone thanks to that ban.
In crumbling Atlantis, Poseidon cried -
City ruined, he didn’t even try.

While he sat laughing, insane mirth -
My sisters and brothers fled to earth.
Together known as woman and man -
Forever enduring hand in hand.

...Now known as Cthulhu, he calls to me -
“Someday You and Man shall set me free!”


Christian Ketcham

Locked in my head -
All but a dream.
Doomed to stay -
Set to repeat.

Accidents -
Miracles -

Forced into stasis -
Darkness invading.
Willpower crumbling -
Reality fading.

Accidents -
Miracles -

Attempt to rebel -
Surviving a minute.
Struggling against -
Maximum limit.

Accidents -
Miracles -

Gathering strength -
Trying to last.
Evil assails -
Visions of the past.

Accidents -
Miracles -

Losing myself -
Time to pray.
War is lost -
Fading away.

Locked in my head -
All but a dream.
Doomed to stay -
Set to repeat.
Set to repeat.
Set to repeat.
Set to repeat.


Sarah Combs
"Kayla's Poem"

This is a poem for Kayla
so it has to be crazy
it has to be sweet
it has to be brave

This is a poem for Kayla
so it must have intelligence
it must be humorous
it has to be glamour

This is a poem for Kayla
so if it leaps it leaps fearless
if its super freak it is super freaky
if it is bright it will light up my world

This is a poem for Kayla
so let's be sure it is lovable
let's be sure it has feelings
let's be certain it has God

This is Kayla's poem
let's let it entertain
let's let it joke
and please please please let it be athletic

This is Kayla's poem
so it is
full of life
full of life
full of life


Stephanie Landis
Island of Broken Toys

I reside on the Island of Broken Toys
Broken toys
Breaking themselves
Cutting, ripping, marking
No one wants a broken toy
A screw is lose
Even inside
No one wants a broken toy

Nightmares come
Nightmares go
No one to save us on the Island of Broken Toys

Toys with no purpose
No hand to hold
No bandage to fix
The scars inside
No paint to hide
The marks outside

Toys do not see
A potential to be
A child's wanted toy
Be their own wanted toy

Can anyone
When most everyone

Not just anyone can fix
You can fix
We can fix
On the Island of Broken Toys


Emily Jarjoura
Hobby Of Books

Grasping, Holding. Flipping
The way it creaks as I bend it back

I turn, I am a vampire
A princess, a boy, a bear

I meet people who are new to me
But not who I am, I laugh with them

And take part in activities
We travel, going from place to place

In the future, I see a rebellion about to spring
In the past a revolution to be won

In the now, I know what’s happening then
Only I’m not me

I’m scared, I’m heart broken, I’m lost
I’m loved and cherished in his arms

A knight saves me, a damsel in distress
I run from the lurking the trees

I spree with concern as I pace
My mind in a world I was part of

As I fill in with another world
New people and activities to free my brain

I need to stop,
I’m obsessed with these things,
for books are my life


Emily Jarjoura

The day the dead go they leave

Maybe they've left the world and unknowing they walk up to the doors of death,
a beautiful place
or scary and ominous

They see a mirror of their past life and depending on how that person perceives
life in death,
they choose the path of light or dark

The doors of death, wherever they may be, welcome them to their new home
and they don't go to heaven or hell
but to a life that they've most enjoyed

A mirror in their memory
happy and young and strong forever
while people on earth sit and mourn

I sit by and know of this life you are embracing
and remember what it was like while you were here
knowing you will make the best of the place you are now, dining with the finest
and brightest of people to entertain you when you are too grim to smile

But do remember this; I love you
and always know I will look upon the stars and imagine
what would bring you happiness


Kevin Mendoza
The Battle

The nitty gritty,
hard fought war in the trenches
thats what football is.


Dianne Mercado

One smile begins a friendship

One handclasp lifts the soul

One dream can spur a lifetime

One half will make a whole.


One flower begins a garden

One star guides a ship at sea

One tree can grow a forest

One proclamation sets them free.


One promise binds two people

One candle can light a room

One love heals a heartache

One laugh will conquer gloom.


One vote changes a nation

One flag can soar the sky

One person can make history

One truth we cannot deny.


One kiss seizes the moment

One hand wipes away the tears

One string can weave a blanket

One faith can fight your fears.

One moment changes everything

One embrace can show you care

One word can say you’re never far

One touch lets them know you’re there.


One step must start your journey

One friend is needed to lean on

One hope will surge you forward

One path can be quite long.


One voice can spark a revolution

One heart knows what is true

One life makes all the difference.

You see… It’s all up to you.


Christie Ruiz

She stood in the pouring rain, hoping it could wash away all the memories.

Wondering what did she do to deserve this sadness, to have let him drift away ,never coming back.

To think it was all her fault, that she isn't worth it. Everyone says time will hem the stitches in her heart. Not understanding how much he ment.
As the rain began to harden, her tears flowing with it ,loosing the life in her once blissful

She began to slip away Until She heard a sinful whisper in her ear,
"You should have known darling, forever is a lie"


Lorina V. Morton
How To Breathe a Poem

How do you read a poem?

A poem is no miniscule novella
That sold a million copies

It is not a bestseller
For it is never sold

Not a short story
For a poem is as long as it wants to be

Do not read it!
Don't let your eyes glaze pages

Breathe it in
Absorb it into your skin
Like a shivering wind
That rattles your bones
And shakes your soul

Let it ring
Eternally in your ears
Feel it caress your body
Wind through your hair

No novel can bind the wind
It shall slip out of the covers
And into your heart

No shelf can hold the breeze
It will flow through the cracks
Dance through your fingers
Intoxicate your mind
Capture your lungs and cease your breath

Embrace it in your arms
Or at least try-
For the air shall embrace you first
And never let you go

So whatever you do
Do not degrade a poem
To simple words
And ink

For none such can hold the wind
And none such will hold the wind


Jasmine Vazquez
"Gone so soon, leaving the sadness behind"

It was that day that impacted me the most,

She was here one day, and gone the next.

Her heart no longer beating, and mine continuing to break.

It felt like a dream, or maybe a nightmare.

It felt unreal, and this impacted me the most.


How could someone be so strong, yet so weak?

The disease was eating away at one organ, then moved to the next.

The cancer had caused heartache,

And the pain was unfair, and hard to bare.

But it was that day that impacted me the most.


The illness took over her one day, and killed her the next.

Tears rolling down my cheeks, creating a lake.

It felt like enough to create a stream, maybe enough to fill up a lare.

It felt unreal, and this impacted me the most,

But I know one day I'll get the chance to once again have her close.


Lorina V. Morton

Do you know
Why it's called

It's because when you learn that it will happen to you
You get all
Wound up

Your stomach
Is tied
In knots

And they think
That the only way to get them out
Is to remove
The whole thing

And if you have no stomach
What is the point then
Of your mouth?
What is the point of your life?

You can't eat
So you will end
Why not take your eyes,
And heart
While they're at it?

They shall take from me
So I must run to keep

I'd like to stay wound up

I like my knots
My tangles
My ties

And if I must
AWOL- that's me

So wind me up

Tie me up

Tangle and twist me up

And leave me with my



Christie Ruiz

How can you betray someone, who cared so much for you.

Leaving them as if no memories made you smile, drifting away like the wind back to strangers.

Creating empty ness in your soul feeling nothing,

Not realizing that one day they can end their tidal waves of sadness in a single , so called accident.


Jori Henley
Hell Above

Clawing, Scratching, Digging, Weeping
Drag me down to Hell
You took my heart, wrapped it up all nice and snug, then threw it down a well

Kicking, Biting, Laughing, Crying
What can I do now?
Go on, live on, survive
But what if I don’t know how?
Great and mighty were the wings I flew on day by day
But one by one you plucked my wings and made me lose my way

Gasping, Choking, Forgetting, Lying
I fight my way out of the inferno
But the flames engulf me and
Drag. Me. Down. To. Hell.
You. Drag. Me. Down. To. Hell.

I claw, I fight, I scream, I wail
But it’s all to no avail
My wings are gone and with the coming of dawn
Strong will no longer be my name
Darkness becomes my day
Now that I’m in Hell


Jori Henley
Killing Me

It’s killing me
Every breath I take, Every move I make
Digs me deeper into this pit that’s been made just for me
Out of my pain and tears that you gifted me with

Every beat of my heart, Every flutter of my eyes
Takes me deeper into this darkness
I can’t get out of the waters that engulf me
Try as I might to stop the pain from sinking me down into oblivion
A madness comes over me and I lose my will to breath
I lose all sense of time
I’m falling into emptiness
All peace is lost to me
All hope is stripped from me
Dark water fills my lungs as I sink into this pit

Every gasp for breath, Every cut I make, Every wish for death
Pushes me closer to the edge of oblivion
My madness has left no color of my soul intact
I sit alone in darkness waiting for death to act
The water turns to ice and my eyes glaze over

Every crack of my will, every hope that I lose
Gives me less reason to fight the pain
Let the flames engulf me, Let the waters drown me
If only to burn away the sadness, if only to wash away the madness
If only to make this internal pain wane

It kills me to look into your eyes and see nothing
Nothing but sweet, empty oblivion, where I belong
I no longer try to stop the pain from sinking me down into oblivion
A welcomed madness has come over me
And I’ve lost my will to breathe
Every breath I take, every move I make


Julianne Cheatham
The Beauty of Creation

In this world, everything points to Thee,
The fish, the grass, all things that I see,
The stars that twinkle, luminous orbs,
The waves that thunder, greeny-blue at the shores.

The howl of wolves, haunting and wild,
The song of a mother cradling her child,
The creatures that dive, in the waters deep,
The crouch of a rabbit, preparing to leap.

The scream of a hawk, searching for prey,
The patter of rain, dainty and fey,
The face of a lamb, innocent and shy,
The whisper of wind, passing through rye.

The green of a leaf, finally unfurled,
The cry of a babe, entering the world,
The beauty of spring, with lovely hued flow’rs,
All of these things point to You in Your power.


Jordan Henely
To Look Back

This too shall come to pass
And you’ll look back and laugh
Because you’ll see that you’ll survive this
It’s just a bump in your path
And with the many to come, they sure won’t be fun
But they’ll only make you stronger so you can keep smiling for longer
Because this too shall come to pass


Jordan Henely
Monsters of My Heart

Please God Please
Don’t leave me in the dark
Don’t leave me alone with these monsters of my heart
These monsters that claw, that rip, that shred,
These monsters that are only in my head…..?
Despite the Truth that glows in the dark

Why can’t you just stay?
You who have the powers that I need to keep the monsters away
To keep my fears at bay
You who helped my find the light
You who helped me rediscover my fight
You who took away my beloved rope
You who gave me this gift called hope

But you just left me in the dark
With these monsters of my heart
These monsters that live and lie to my heart
Telling me this isn’t even the worst part
They rip out my stitches
They resurrect my hidden fears
They bring out my undesired tears
They love to tell me lies
They tell me I’m not worth the effort of a guy
That I’ll always be alone
And that I’ll never find a heart for which to call home

So I need to burn them away with the glorious light of day
But my world is hidden in Darkness
And I can’t see the sun


Ashley Cintron
Finally Free

My tears fall
down my face so gently
I wonder why I exist at all
why almighty God would make me.

My heart aches
It is a punching bag for ones who are hurt
then I begin to wait
for the brave one who will uproot it from the dirt.

My hands tremble
under the pressure of my expectations
why must I sacrifice my heart and give my love if she isn't able
and give up all my hopes , my dreams, my aspirations.


My soul soars
I am set free
I run through all the opens doors
escaping from the one who imprisoned me.


Christie Ruiz

She stood in the pouring rain, hoping it could wash away all the memories.

Wondering what did she do to deserve this sadness, to have let him drift away ,never coming back.

To think it was all her fault, that she isn't worth it. Everyone says time will hem the stitches in her heart. Not understanding how much he ment.
As the rain began to harden, her tears flowing with it ,loosing the life in her once blissful

She began to slip away Until She heard a sinful whisper in her ear,
"You should have known darling, forever is a lie"


Kushma Singh
Woman in the Willow

Among the whispering willows, she sat.
She, beautiful as the summer showers.

He came, barging through her heart, unaware
As she began her fall. Too deep, so fast.

Unstoppable, she became, fast as the
Rushing wind, racing through the trees.
Love, its true form, beautiful as ever.

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