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2012 Teen Poetry Contest Entries


Valentin Decembre
My Endless Love

Noel Schama

Harmony Raynor
"Betrayal of the Heart"

Alyssa Larson
Mother Earth


Iolanda Weidgenant
The Hidden Truth

Alexis Gauthier

Jerome Hayes
Valentine Poem

Ivan Olortegui

Katherine Rohe

Timeless Decay

Krystal Silas

Mariela Rodriguez-Vazquez

Taj Johnson


Valentin Decembre
My Endless Love

Before our “marital vow”, our alliance was beautiful.
Just by your mysterious glance you had already monopolized my love.
Today, I am joyful for being in your kingdom my lovely,
No polytheism, I devote myself to your glory, my goddess.

I came out of this prison of singleness.
Your aesthetic beauty announces to me your immense love.
And let this amazing passion shine in the worldwide.
I take the oath in front of love’s court that you are my adorable princess.

Travelled in all the universes, I never found one like you;
Let the asteroids fall above me, never I will abandon you.
I'm lost in your infinite affection of Milky Way.
Let your love reside forever in my heart!

Oh! I am chained with the gold chain of my ideal empress.
No words to extract the thoughts of your platonic love.
Do not forgive me any more Jehovah for this sentimental sin…
You will remain the letters of the love in my soft romantic grammar.

Plunged into the immense dream of your overflowing warmth,
My roaming soul reincarnated in your gaping beauty.
Here I am living in the villages of your purplish lips,
Your welcoming smile is already invited my hopeless heart.

I don’t want to tease you with this vain poetry,
But you draw all the desires of my miserable being.
Poeticize my novice love in your ultimate soft life.

Leave the times to wander in your inventiveness,
To dip in and cleanse my insane writing.
My soul mate multiply my source of inspiration.
Banish my ample tiredness in the depth of your attractive caress.



Melissa Simon
"Bleeding Pages"

This page is turning red from all the blood being
Spilt upon it from my heart.
This pen doesn’t let out ink—
Only a steady stream of my own tears.
“I won’t let go,” It writes.
“I love you too much…”
My heart is sore from all this bleeding.
My hand aches from all this writing.
I’m dragging my hand in the pools of blood
That have steadily collected on this page from my heart.
I wish to cease this endless, ritual-like writing,
But my heart has not yet finished bleeding.
It continues to pour—endlessly.
“Don’t let go!” It screams.
“You said you loved me too much!”
Desperation is filling the pages now.
I won’t let anyone take you away!
Just grab my hand!
I’ll hold on to you!
These raging storms and painful memories can NOT tear us apart.
I would NEVER allow it!
Then, there is only
Everything begins to still.
The clouds decide to depart.
The blood begins to slow as it hits the page.
The tears begin to run out as I write.
After all is through,
After all is quiet,
I open my eyes and find
That you’re still holding on— your own eyes open wide.
Tears of joy begin to gather together
And stream down our worn faces.
And as I watch you,
You begin to smile,
Your lips softly forming three words:


Melissa Simon

This world is so full of manipulation—
Someone is always trying to get you
To be their minion.
They use guilt as bait
To draw you near.
Then their iron claws
And razor fangs seep deep into your skin.
You want to scream out,
But their eyes turn you to stone.
They then drag you back to their lair.
They tie strings around your wrists and ankles—
Making you their own, personal puppet.
They plaster a fake, smiling mask onto your face,
Then you are commanded to dance for
Their own nefarious purposes.
You feel dead.
You feel used.
You feel as if you’re
And the sad part?
They still use guilt as bait
To keep you under their control.
And you,
Being the fool that you are,
Continue to dance to their sadistic melody—
Falling under their spell every time…


Noel Schama

How do I start this, guess I'll start by finishing
Spark yo' interests with the lyrics I'm finna' spit
The less you know, the more you'll be innocent
The more you know, the more you'll be insidious
That's why I'm so ridiculously ignorant
Knowledge is my arch nemesis
I tried running from the truth, and I tore all of my ligaments
I believe in Christ, you believe yo life was an incident
Life's to precise to be an incident
From the birds in the skies to amphibians
To the mummies in the pyramids
To the weird predicaments you've experienced
All the science and experiments
And you still think the world's a coincidence?
Then why are you living then?
Commit suicide if yo' life don't mean anything,
But the desire to live wont let you
But whats the point of living if your life is in vain, like a blood vessel
I know a girl named Amber
Born in a little city called Sanford
At 13, she wanted to be a dancer
At 14, she was diagnosed with cancer
At 15, she would throw huge tantrums
''Why God, Why God?'', and she didn't get an answer
And you're mad 'cause you didn't get a Samsung?
While her life's intense like campers
And you have it all, a mom and a dad and a house and a dog
Don't forget the two parked cars in your garage, with the hundred dollar leaves
And the beautiful lawn with two ducks in your pond
So I never wanna hear you say life's hard
Like a bad baseball player life does strike hard



Ian Ng
Triolet for Missing

Never shall I sleep again:
The sheets are much too cold without thee.
You left with steaming, teary blame–
Never shall I sleep again:
Dawn’s an old dream mixed with rain;
In drugged night I dreamt you haunted me,
Never shall I sleep again:
The sheets are much too cold without thee.



Ian Ng
Ere Such Calm Joy

I saw the pale dream of dawn
Cast o’er a frozen winter field.
Narrow arms–shafts of frigid sun–,
Rays forged in eyes of lucid blue;

How shining glance did ravish me:
Hid in dark’ning gleam–brown milk of
Thine hair’s soft-shadow'd symphony–
Shading gazed, azure apathy.
From rosy lips cold winds blow,
Sounding trumpeted majesty.

And sun in heaven’s height I saw,
Arising in veiled light–basking
My snowy winter ache–melting–
Till loneliness was mine no more.


Harmony Raynor

In a place with no air
Frantically searching the darkness that's engulfing me
No where to run safely
Kissing the black that's sweetly hiding me
Hidden beneath all I have left
It's gripping me ever so tightly
Wishing what we once had, never was
Only if it could be just as easy for me
To forget such confusing deeds
Youv'e let me drop within the beat of second
Only if you could be just as easy to let go
But all I can do is yearn for more



Harmony Raynor
"Betrayal of the Heart"

I just wanted you to come to your senses
To be free to discuss what happened
Bring disclosure to both our wounded chests
Rather than struggling to grasp on to shaky ledges
Its in the past,
The past we most forget
But can never to seem to let it run
Victim and Harasser
Unable to let the unimaginable free
Soon to draw us both
To feel something which was once felt
Pain and oldened love
That kills me slowly with each trembling breath
Breaths that keep me alive,
while taking my life away;
My heart and mind in two seperate worlds;
Betraying me in every way;
Never truly knowing which path to follow



Jamie Hoskins
"The Life of the Little Girl"

there was this little girl who cried herslef to sleep.
she would smuther herself into her pillow to block all the bad dreams,but the dreams still make it through that guarded pillow...
she hears gun sots , she sees blood and wounds.
the images still wound her mind.
she cries and cries until the sun rises.

there's school the nect mounring so she smiles out of
agony and grief.
her friends see nothing wrond since the accident,but just because you see a smile doesn't mean she's happy...
'on her way home that day her smile quickly fades like the faces loosing breath trying to climb the everglades
her mom dazes,eyes red self medicatiing out of fustration
-she beats that little girl . the lillte girl cries at the top of her lungs,but no one hears her blows. its all your fault why
your father died.
its all your fault why your father killewd himself and you
deserve to die!

the little girl girl cies and pleas for her mom's love to grow,
but its too late...
her mom begins to tourment her and relive the past.
the little girl still suffering trying to escape.
she kicks her mom and on her knees she crawls towards
the front door...
that innocent weapon that killed her father had no name and meant no harm. those bulets loaded in it meant pain and anger. the life of the little girl which an epic ended in a failure.



Jamie Hoskins
"What I Think of Him"

and to think that i lost all hope of finding him.
that thesarus, that "good book" ; that measure to defining love...
to think that i lost all faith of glory.
something specific, definite, and the equation to solving all of my problems.
he is my pacific not a mimic, but prolific to my solution.
no substituion, nor body movement, but he seems to move
-me and forever make me happy.
sometimes i try to erase and cross out; replace emotion.
but a low tide couldn't move the strong ocean.
cupid? no potion this is REAL emotions i have for him.
who is this? so cabilistic? so mysterious?
he is ... my journal.


Alyssa Larson
Mother Earth

Mother earth...
Mother earth...

Rain on window
Dew on grasss
Ocean waves

Is mother earth crying?
Does she mourn her lost love

Storms smashing
Snow falling
In the air

Is she pining
Is her heart cold? Empty?
Longing her love lost

Wishing to go back
Piece by piece

Broken body
Blood calling

Erupting, crying...
Fading, dying...

Mother earth...
Mother earth...



Hear my words
Hear my cry
spirit from the other side
protect this house by the touch eithrer hand
bless those within my mind
bless this door that opens wide
to the warmth
that waits inside
i send to you this burning sign
within this pyre
to protect us from where evil shadow dwells
im ridding all bad luck and negetive enrgy
within this house
reverse each course from whence they fell
covet them with your grace and light
throught space and time
be them far or be them near
protect with all your might
even thought they are out of my sight
so shall i said
so shall the words will embrace.



Iolanda Weidgenant
The Hidden Truth

A beautiful life emerges,
From the youthful valley of deception,
To embark on the dreadful path of wisdom and depression.

Only then do they acknowledge,
The hidden truth previously concealed,
As their eyes open up to the secret of existence being revealed.

Throughout life, children are told,
To smile at the world,
In the illusional aspect,
That in return they will earn respect.

But discriminated by people without rationality,
These innocent souls are judged not by personality,
And instead by the appearance and wealth intercepted,
In the eyes of the beholder only then are they accepted.

The hidden truth shows reality to those seeking the light,
In a world of darkness, the truth will ignite,
As they face challenges and obstacles with powerful dignity,
The hidden truth, when accepted, results in greater maturity.



Alexis Gauthier

What does it mean?

36 divided by 2. And if you add 3 and 6, you get 9 and when you multiply by 2, (carry the one) you still get 18.
But what does it really mean?
For some it's
"move out. You're on your own"
And then you're left facing the world alone.
For others, it's
Those "first world pains"
You know the meaningless things that make Americans break.
The "what kind of party will I have? How will I celebrate?"
The "I can't wait to vote. .... Wait, who's the candidate"
The "hey, I can buy tobacco, and order 'as seen on tv'"
The "i'ma sign my own papers. I'ma just do me"
But for me,
You see
Dad stops paying child support.
Mom starts bringing matters to court.
Daughter continues to be forced.
It's like a game of tug-of-war.
Pulled in every direction,
Every light flashing at the intersection.
& I was under the impression:
That green meant go,
Yellow meant slow,
Red meant stop
& someone better call the cops
Because somehow when they're all sort of simultaneously jumbled up in a mix,
There's no quick fix.
Just accidents
He said, she said.
No, they're to blame!
But when something's at stake,
It's nolonger a game.
I've got a mom that takes life out on me,
And I just want her to see
I love her.
And I just want her to know
I'd hug her,
If she was the mother,
That loved me.
And I've got a dad that gives the life back,
And I just want him to see
I love him.
And I just want him to know,
God loves him,
And if he was the father
That was saved,
I'd be saved from such a situation.
Always being asked what I want,
But nomatter what I want
My wants are trumped.
So I gave up a long time ago,
And now I'm eighteen,
Some say bittersweet,
But I say it's more bitter,
Because I know better.
I know that the grass isnt always green,
Nomatter how green it seems.
I know that when a tree falls, and no ones around to hear, it makes a sound despite the year
--and I feel like that tree,
Speaking, but no ones listening.
A fake smile, slightly glistening.
... & I too am falling.
And everytime I get back up, I feel like the little engine that could,
More like the little engine that would, if I could ... But I can't.
I know that when your dreams come true & you get asked out by the perfect guy, perfect doesn't seem worth it when he makes you cry.
I know that sometimes life seems worthless, when others make us feel worth less
But despite what things seem, there's purpose
Because I rather go through this,
with God as my compass
His Bible, my map
God as my fortress,
His Bible, my app
Because when you need something, you say "there's an app for that"
And when I need something, God says "I've got your back."
And they say "Good things come to those who wait"
So I say "for 18 years, I've prayed it's only late"



Alexis Gauthier

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be. "
And when I was little,
My mom used to sing these
Words to me before bed.
She'd HOLD me in her ARMS,
ROCK me back and forth,
And when I was TOO little
To know what love was,
-- she showed it to me.
These were the words of love,
And if love had arms,
they would be my mother's arms,
Reaching out and cradling me,
And when I was in their comfort,
I knew I was safe from all harms.
But one day, I outgrew those arms,
And they outgrew me.
I wondered why my mother
wasn't home at night.
She had taken those SAME arms
Those very same arms,
And used them for a different purpose.
Those were the arms of a worker.
She worked nights, so she could be with me by day.
And I can't complain, but at that age,
I had no clue why.
But looking back, I now can see,
the lessons I learned from my moms arms cradling me.
Those weren't just the arms of the mother who sang my lullabies,nor were they just the arms who calmed my cries,
and held me when I was small in size
But those arms, those thin pale arms,
Were the arms of MY mother.
Those were the arms of a lover
And she didn't sing because she had to.
And she didn't work out of force,
But she did those things because she was compelled by love (as her source),
You know, I think love is the one force that compels us all,
whether or not we want to admit it.
I think love is that voice inside of us, that doesn't quit
-- the voice that tells us to reach out to others,
with our arms outstretched towards our mothers,
sisters, fathers, friends, foes and brothers.
You see, not only my mother had the arms of love,
but so did her mother,
but so did her mother,
And so did her mother.
And I think you know where I'm going with this.
Just as a conductor's love for music compels his arms to lead,
a baker’s love for baking compels his arms to take the dough and knead,
and a students love for knowledge compels his arm to raise,
your love for God should be the very reason you lift yours in praise.
For, arms were used for love even in the Bibles days,
so follow God's ways, always.
Arms are the pathway of love.
When an embrace is needed, they open up.
They're the branches that lend forward hands,
our way of showing love when words can't.
So spread the love, because nothing feels better than feeling it.
Being compelled by it is not just about the words you choose,
the path you use,
but about the souls you win, you lose,
and whether or not you abuse,
the title of a Christian,
because there's no excuse,
in the world we live in.
And that same power, yet only stronger,
was used thousands of years ago,
By a beaten man who came to save our souls,
He was weak, hurt, hungry,
They stripped him of his clothes,
And teased him as he carried that cross upon His back
They laughed, stared, cut him no slack, yet
He took His arms, and carried that cross,
And He took his arms, opened them wide,
as if to say "I love you this much" and died.



Kali Rose Lam
"Patience and Promises"

Irrelevant and broken,
gasps press from her lips
as a gun in her hand smokes,
as she's shaking to her hips.
Bullet in the wall
behind her,
find her,
She can't move but her mind is
shuddering, full
full of hope.
Hoping for your care,
your love
to wrap around her safely.
But she feels so undeserving

This is the poem,
the hope for the hopeless
the love for the broken
and the words for me.
These I've waited to say
waited too long, maybe.
But it's never too late, right?
Patience, eyes closing with Time
as I see the world
in a new design.
Soft shades fall in the light
spilling darkness where they touch.
Oh, please,
don't let this be the end,
this night has been too long
and I am nearly gone. . .

Can't make death hurry,
so I am trapped in limbo,
in purgatory, in this place, in between,
confronting all my sins, my mistakes
trying to make some sense of this of this place
and I can't breathe . . .
All this pressure is crushing me. . . us . . .
We were made for this, but not this.
This love was our design,
the world destroyed us, and we let it.
But we could fix it if we try.
Fight the demons inside you
with me at your side,
you can do anything, I promise.
I have my own evil, I realize,
but is this worth doing?
Worth fighting for? How much?
How much is this broken girl worth to you?

Take my hand, that's all it takes
to fix this situation,
won't be left alone with our damnations.
Let's build each other up
without tearing ourselves down.
These are dangerous things,
but I will trust these wings
to help me fly
and they are made of sunshine;
lighter than the light itself,
they carry me
and I can see
the Starry Night below,
and it is calmer than I've ever been.

Let my heart keep these wings
just for a moment more
and I will hold these memories
for forever and a day
and with my final breath
I will tell the world our tale,
spill out all the love we had
so it may fill the world
and that will be our legacy,
our eternity, our forever . . .
different from our plans
but still a future.
A future built in memory
and all this life of me
the breath I breathe
supplied by falling memories.

Another life, this all ends different.
Another chance, our lives have shifted
to give us the past we never had
to build the future we couldn't grasp
this time around
as it all fell down
as we still cling to hope
that we can rebuild that garden
where I fell into your arms
and promised my heart.
My promise still stands, I swear
no matter the centuries that pass,
the changes that happen,
my heart is a constant,
something to bet on
if you want to win.

We have witnessed this world. . .
seen it consumed in fire
and born again to love.
Felt it freeze in ice
and warm again to be above
the petty hatred . . . but it still falls apart.
This world can destroy itself,
but you'll forever have my heart.



Jerome Hayes
Valentine Poem

My love for you is deeper than the ocean
My love for you is as strong as ten men
My love for you will never fade
My love for you is brighter than the sun
My love for you is why I love you
My love for you is why i want you to be my VALENTINE!!!



Ivan Olortegui

I keep all aspects of my personality guarded inside my mind.
How I look on the outside looks nothing like me inside.
Two distinct personalities lie within my soul, well-defined:
A crazy one; an angry one. They’re never intertwined.

I’m often silent and recluse, but not because I’m shy.
Not wanting to interact with anyone is the reason why.
Why are there two of me, when one would be just fine?
Don’t know. Don’t care. No worries. It’s sad but I won’t whine.



Katherine Rohe
Timeless Decay

Chains cannot bound us,
Forgotten in this Kingdom of lust.
But be forgotten we cannot,
Our losing fight is the outer crust.

We learned when we were taught,
To never give up when we fought,
But stay hidden is what we prefer.
For we cannot ever be sought.

Here between heaven and hell we are pure.
A curse we have realized there is no cure.
We must learn to use this unexpected tool,
That of which we use to lure.

In this world there is too many a fool.
When they come ‘round the air is foul and cool.
They bury us alive in an unwanted tomb,
And we die alone in a waterless pool.

So rise again we must soon,
Weave our fate on a dusty loom.
Leave we must though this journey is rough,
Fall asleep in the descending dust.




Mariela Rodriguez-Vazquez

This sadness drenched inside me consumes everything in me.
Blindness is innocence,
but courage is blindness
and blindness causes death or mistakes!
Life is mistaken.
Life is just a game.
We are puppets that look so vivid.
Life is just a dream.
Can't you see that this is just a trick?
Can't you that this is not a treat?
We fall in love, we commit murder,
We hate, we cry, we scream, we shout,
We live, we die, we call each other humans
But we are not that at all.



Taj Johnson

I am
Strong branch
On strong tree
Look at all this strength,
That’s on me
I let them climb on
Is what they began to bite on
Only me is where they had their fights on
They forgot to take me in consideration
Stab they flags on me and call me their nation
Rest of the tree what’s the cause of separation?
And now begins the termites’ chance for a tastin’.
I wish I could go back to where my original place is.
Try to climb back
Maybe I can make it.
Then I just fall I’m sad in my lateness
You ask what did I see?
Up in my tree?
Up in my tree they try to replace me
And it has my shape
Starts to make me wonder who I replaced?
It has the same brown
It spins slowly as it falls down
I see my same blues, tans, greens,
As the second branch lays atop me
We also see our grey
As we both lay down and get replaced.


Krystal Silas

A window shatters
The glass falls
The shards cut into my skin
Making me bleed
Droplets of scarlet slide from my arms
And on to the floor
It hurts

The glass is their words
And the blood is my tears
The gentle soul that I am, I cannot take their jokes
Their comments
Though they view them as light and jovial
I see them as sharp and mean
Their humor does not match my own
And I cannot be myself around them
I do not like that
I hate the thought of having to hold back
Because they do not understand me
Won’t ever understand me

My mood clouds over and I find it hard to look at them
Speak to them
I have to release and relax
I must write
Write away all of the dark feelings that ruin my happiness
Write away the depression that threatens to devour me
Transferring my hurt into words on a page is the only way
I can keep all if it at bay

One would never guess
Or begin to understand
The demons that I face every day
I smile
And laugh
Along with all of the other faceless characters
But inside I am crying
Great gut wrenching sobs
No one sees them though
They believe the mask that I dawn daily
Trust the lies of contentment that spring from my curled mouth

The depression creeps up on me
During the moments where I am truly happy
That is when
The most innocent of words
Causes the dam to break
And makes me tumble into oblivion
It’s dark there
And I do not like sinking so low
But it seems inevitable
You cannot reach euphoric heights
Without dropping to earth shattering low’s
And these lows’
Are beginning to occur
More and more often
Darkening my aura
And making me lose my elasticity

Their words are playful
But they cut me like GLASS

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