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2011 Teen Poetry Contest Entries


Yvonne Tua

Courtney M. Haugh What do you see?

Crystal Badillo
“Just a Dream”

Katherine Rohe
Poem 1
Poem 2

Kaysha L. Arocho
Poem 1
Poem 2


Heidis Perez

Victoria Butler
Poem 1
Poem 2 - "REAL"

Tynisia Brown

Seema Syed

Sasha Nickels
Poem 1
Poem 2

Victoria Williams
Poem 1
Poem 2

Daniel Barr

Hate and Love

Julia Williams

Sierra Joefield
Trying To

Taj Johnson

Jerry Geffrard Doralus
Poem 1
Poem 2

Zachary Alexander Jackson
Prosperity in Prohibition

Dianne Mercado
Poem 1-Memento
Poem 2

Claudia White
Poem 1
Poem 2



Isabella Gong
Don't Sin!

Taylor Munson
Coffee Shop


Yvonne Tua - Age 16

I rather feel numb inside, then to feel at all
I feel like I'm bleeding, I can’t seem to find that punctured hole
I want to stitch it up and let everything else go
I’m hurting inside and nobody knows.

I would die tonight, if it meant not to feel at all
I’m in pain inside there goes that gushing hole
You did this to me and no one will ever know
Why is it the good ones who always seem to lose control?

I wish you felt that burning inside
And the incineration of your soul
I wish you where dying inside
Maybe it would help me feel whole?

Or maybe I'm the one to blame, I let you slip and fall..
Right through my fingertips and I didn’t even know?
I was so caught up in the lust to blind to see the pain.

But it hit me fast and sharp, like a knife waiting to be used for unpleasant pain.



Courtney M. Haugh- Age 16
What do you see?

What do you see when you look at me?
Just another ordinary girl?
Someone who it would not matter if they were to get hurt, or even disappear?

Perhaps you don't see me as a person at all...
Perhaps to you,
I'm just a thing,
a possession,
a play thing,
a toy...

Yes! A toy,
Perhaps that is what you see of me.
A toy, a play thing for you to toy with,
To play those mind games you love to play.
That break my heart,
then blow the pieces away...
A toy that's no problem to just cast away.
Yes, to simply throw away
When you become bored.

Or maybe you see me as someone special.
Someone who has desires and feelings.
Someone who longs to be loved.

Or maybe you are of the rare kind of person,
Who actually takes the time to get to know me.
Someone who WANTS to see the REAL me.
And once they do...they continue to care.

So, what DO you see, when you look at me?
Do you see me?
Or do you just see...
...what you want to see?

. . .What You want Me to be...

What do you see?


Crystal Badillo- Age 15
“Just a Dream”

I love you I love you I say in my dream
A magical place with nothing but peace
So dark but yet so bright what could this mean?
It’s just a fairy tale there’s no such thing as peace.
I love you I love you, you say in my dream
A magical place oh how I wish this were real
So bright in this place how sad this will soon go away
My fairy tale has now began to change
With tears in my eyes I say goodbye
With a blink of an eye I’m alone in the park
I love you I love you I whisper to myself
Magical words that pass through your soul
With tears in my eyes I scream to the sky
I love you I love you was nothing but a dream!


Katherine Rohe- Age 14
Poem 1

In this wheel of mine,
Love is nothing if not unjust.
Some see it as a straight line,
But side roads lead to lust.

When the air is filled with passion,
Bare trees grow tall.
Yet it makes us fools having imagination,
And even the great must fall.

It goes up and down with the tide,
Our love will always make us lie.
And even though we want to hide,
We will eventually have to say goodbye.



Katherine Rohe- Age 14
Poem 2

Thou art and thou chains,
the chains that bind us to these haunted halls.
Through the ages of splendor and remorse,
that of which fills our minds with dreadful falls.
For what we owe and have given
are made of neither mind nor matter,
and not what we cherish or despise,
but that of those who are not kind or madder.



Kaysha L. Arocho- Age 13
Poem 1

Call to God with your voice
Thank Him for His wonders
Tell Him how much you care
Let Him hear your prayer

Tell Him all your wishes
Then thank Him for the blessings
Tell Him you have faith
Whisper your prayer

Call to God with your voice
Thank Him for His wonders
Tell Him how much you care
Let Him hear your prayer


Kaysha L. Arocho- Age 13
Poem 2

Everyday the sun rises,
Everyday it's more beautiful than the last.
Everyday I see your face,
And my heart has a blast.

With your smiling face
And gentle eyes,
Love is a great puma
As it catches you by surprise.

My heart starts to shiver,
It quakes and curls,
My heart does hand stands,
Dances and turls.

As you talk to me calmly,
As your hand touches mine,
I feel captured
My heart you have confined.

Everyday you rise like the sun,
Everyday you're more beautiful than before,
Everyday we seem to get closer,
And I just want more.

If my heart was a bomb,
Would you want me to hold it inside?
Do you want me to explode?
Do you want me to die?

If the sun rises everyday,
Each day more beautiful than ever,
And if everyone can have it,
Then why can't we be together?

People may not like you,
But I'll love you with all my might,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
And this time I know I'm right.



Kayla- Age 13

Inside I FeeL Like Im Comin ALive . I FeeL This Certain Kind Of Vibe That I Cant Even Describe . I FeeL Like A One Person Tribe With Tigers Swarming In . I FeeL Like Im In A Tigers Den With No Where To Go And No Where To Hide . Im Just Ganna Have To Let You Know Cause Inside Im Getting Torn Apart &' I Dont Know How To Fix My Broken My Broken Heart .



Heidis Perez- Age 15

The ever expanding galaxy
100 billion galaxies
6 billion people on this earth
and I am one single human being

the birds up in the sky
they sing they fly
the sun goes up the sun goes down
the moon centering the sky all radiant
no doubt

In a hundred years we'll be gone nature will go on
which leaves me to wonder
Why im I alive?
What is my purpose in this life?

Was I always the best person i could be?
Did I make a change?
Did I contribute to world peace
Those are the questions that haunt me as I go to sleep



Victoria Butler- Age 17
Poem 1

All this pain I’ve experienced
Got me thinking why,
Did I really deserve it?
Why is it that it takes so long to earn
Trust but seconds to lose it?
That issue has people

Lovin’ hate and hatin’ love.
But only the one above
Can understand or define
How love should go.
Love is God,
And God is love.
So why is it that I fear love so much?
Love never really gave up on me
I gave up on love.
My heart was fooled and confused,
By ones in the past who used
The word love in vain,
That’s insane.
If love is true, kind, and patient then
Why is it that so many
Have given up on waiting?
Lessons taught,
Lessons learned,
That’s what life brings.
Why do people call others
Their everything?
Last time I checked God was mine.
He did for me what no one else
Ever would or could.
My love for my fam and faves
Comes close,
But my love for God is the most.

Dear God this is my apology to you,
For letting man get in the way
Of my breakthrough.
More mistakes may come my way,
But eventually when they come, I will learn to stray.
So all my answers to my why questions
Will be answered,
Because you will make a way,
For me to have happier days.
And along the way, Ima just say
Thank you Lord for all you’ve done
For me.
- Ria B.


Victoria Butler- Age 17
“R E A L”

This isn’t a game, this is real
This is life, it’s reality
No rewind button
This leaves us all thinking if only
Fairytales aren’t real
But a beautiful love between two,
Dreams and possibilities
Can come true
Things will never be perfect
And that’s okay
I’ve been thru the coldest winter ever
The good, the bad, and the interesting
But I know that when the sun sets
I’m making it to the night
And when the morning comes
I made it to tomorrow
Every day is something
To be grateful for
I choose to never be
A statistic of giving up
On my self
I choose me


Tynisia Brown- Age 15

Easter is coming
And its finally here.
With lots of eggs
And with many cheer.

With lots of bunnies
And with many cheer.

Fill the basket with goodies
And with many cheer.

When Easter comes there is a lot of candy
And with many cheer.

The colors are blue, green, pink and purple.
And my family gives out jelly beans.
And now the time has come.
Its finally here.



Seema Syed- Age 14

The mysterious black sky
With glistening diamonds
Spreading darkness across the night sky
Reminding us
As a shoooting star goes by
What it is to have light



Sasha Nickels- Age 15
Poem 1

I am aware,
Joyous seconds are hidden in clouds of Harsh Thoughts, Words,
Poisoned Tears.
Not naively do I choose, To avoid happiness.
For pessimism does not cherish melancholy
Rather acknowledges pain caused From the occurrence
Yet, lonely night sky’s caress A smiling moon,
In a lapse of Time,
I will reciprocate the Favor,
In a Living light of hope …

More so, my hardened heart is,
lucky to be placed inside
hands filled with
dreams, hope, and love
unrequited from the one that they
think to be all
For that is me.

Future optimistic reassurance of shared sleepless stories
flying upon open wings
left in eyes
that let starlight glide
across the glow of burning dark
that swallows the gleam of hope filled windows
together we will
tear down the negativity that came before
each on separate roads
that never roam alone.



Sasha Nickels- Age 15
Poem 2

Understanding the concept of life is a difficult task
Far beyond my ignorant knowledge of the subject
I beckon the truth by many unfulfilled questions
And yet this neutral hermaphrodite being, containing its story
Remains quiet, and un-listening
Daring not to shed its secrets
Remaining sacred with all

None whom I associate with know of those whom I seek
Those whom view as though privileged
Of knowing this
Obtaining the knowledge which I desire

Desperately begging for that
A hope which doubts the intent
Good benefit or not

Constantly given propaganda which confirms
The ability to reach that wanted outcome

Solid dreamers established in reality
Yet dreams are not shared in their inception
Leaving me enigmatic



Victoria Williams- Age 13
Poem 1

Dull, plain
Sighing, weeping, dying
Pessimistic gravestones, optimistic rainbows
Sparkling, dazzling, brightening
Unique, vibrant



Victoria Williams- Age 13
Poem 2

Mean, wrong
Breaking, shattering, destroying
Tearing down, building up
Encouraging, helping, praising
Pure, needed



Salvador Fournier- Age 17
Instrument of Lust

Its the desire for lust that makes love blind.
I then, lay may eyes upon her petite posture
and her service road curves
that stretch from her smooth shaved legs
to her highway eyes... If I were to get lost
on the road to a soul, I'll just follow the road signs.

As I work my way up the road,
I come across the smooth complexion of well defined legs
that interlock with the golden glow of her thighs.
The road continues with steep curves and hills;
my hands carefully maneuver through her delicate waist,
to her lower back. From that point
the road is long, but my destination is visible;
and with this knowledge in mind, I intend to relish the tour- my lips
caressing the abdominal region, my hands gently placed on her hips,
I slowly work my way up the maiden's being
and at last, I reached the climax of the road.

Both our hands clinging to each others,
our fingers dance gently together-
like a rose petal free-falling into our palms,
into the burning flames of lust, caged within our hands-
we're a unison. Our bodies pressed to one another,
we exchange looks and stared into each others eyes;
I begin to wonder around her pupils
and suddenly, I am lost in them once more
with the desire for lust.



Salvador Fournier- Age 17
Beyond Good & Evil

Im on my knees, Lord, please show me something new,
If I was about to bleed to death, will you pull through?
Let's say my life is in your hands; it's all up to you-
Will you deny my soul if it slowly floated up to you?

I've been living day by day
everyday, trying to find a way
Feeling emotional, Im trying to get away
Forgive me, Lord, but I feel like getting high today.

Just to hide the pain
I decide to fry the brain
Cause my life's as cold as the ice that flows through my veins.
Forgive me, Lord, but Im just tired of feeling bane.

I just want to know, when its all over
Will I be for you to claim
or will I just perish in vain?

Or will I just perish in vain?..




Daniel Barr- Age 14
Hate and Love

Hate is a very powerful word
It surrounds you with every giving
word you say
It despises you

If you hate , your words will not be
They will linger in space for the rest
of time
They work you hard in till you fall on
your knees
And practically die.

Love is also a very powerful word.
It gives you a good feeling,
that you can feel for weeks on end
It delights you

When you love someone
they will hopefully love you back
Love will linger In space for the rest of time,
Not knowing what to do ,
it will travel from one lover to
in till finally,
it wanders across hate.

Now if hate is powerful and love is as well,
what do you get when they are together?
Hate is bad it effects people in different ways
that can sometimes turn in to a disaster.

Love is good, but it is also bad some times,
if you love someone who does not love you back,
but in fact hates you,
It is terrible...

This is how monsters are created.


Julia Williams- Age 16

My silence is golden.
Your silence is broken
By loud noises and harsh voices,
You hip hop from one to the next
Trying to live the life of a hip-hop song
But really you don’t know what rap is.
What those words mean.
Begging to be heard
So you hear but you don’t listen.
Just be quiet and Listen.
Those words are not open for interpretation
Don’t read between the lines
There is no hidden meaning
No reason for you to turn face.
You do it anyway
Because it’s just too much. The truth is just too much.
But the silence Says too much
So you break it


Sierra Joefield- Age 18
Trying to

Where am I? What am I doing? Who am I with?
I open my mouth to speak, yet the words are lost
I feel my mouth moving yet no one hears me
Am I a mute?
Are you listening? Can you hear me?
I hope so because I’m trying to tell you about my dream
This seems like a movie
This dream? No can’t be
It feels so genuinely fake
I’m making an attempt to tell you
Oh! What a beautiful disaster this is
I’m in a room full of no one, trying to tell someone
Trying to wake myself up and tell you this bittersweet dream
Are you there? Oh please tell me you are
Shake me, slap me, kick me, and punch me
Just wake me up from this perfectly bad dream
I’m afraid yet so, so excited or should I say surprised?
Wait! What am I?
Ahh! What a fine mess
I’m trying to hold on, but the tighter I hold the more I slowly slip away
Can’t I remember anything?
What is my name?


Taj Johnson- Age 17

Don’t flatter yourself or nothing.
This was due today, had to write something,
Were like Katniss and Peeta
We’re like Goku and Vegeta
We’re like Goku and Frieza
Fighting all the time through the episodes
Guess who didn’t wanna let you go
But guess who wants to let you know
When we broke up it shocked me like Pika-
But what’s it to you?
You’re some worn out nike shoes
That used to be shiny and new
Taught me life was what you make of it
Used to drive me craziest
Heard that God was love and then you turned atheist
Breakup kinda burnt me
Like boiling oil to the lap-
Kinda burnt me
The type of burn that you wish it were a slurpee
But we can’t stay burnt forever
Eventually we all get better.


Jerry Geffrard Doralus- Age 14
Poem 1

man you looking funny
got me thinking you the easter egg bunny aye
yo are my rhymes stunning
thats because my skills are cunning speed it up
cant you see i been doing this for a long time
thats when you rap your lips get sour like a lime
jerry jmoney jordan take flight air ones means number one swagger
is it because i be pulling more girls than quagmire
so i be killing gits with my rhymes
just so i can pass the time
because imma
and imma never
so you mindswell forget it aye....aye
now slow it down
because im riding my mercedes around town
give me a crown
cause im the king of sound
you think im profound
but imma swagga
and my swagg is some type of stabba
and when i bust a rhyme ill never disappoint yah


Jerry Geffrard Doralus
Poem 2

this is my new one hope u like it better than the last

man you looking funny
got me thinking you the easter bunny
yo are my rhymes stunning
thats because my skills are cunnning
hey cant you see i've been doing this for along time
thats when you rap your lips get sour like a lime
jerry,jmoney,jordan take flight air ones means number one swagger
is it because i be pulling more girls than quagmire
so imma be killing gits with my rhymes just so i can pass the time
thats because imma
mirical aye
and imma never quit it so you mindswell forget it
now slow it down do you hear thats sound
its my speakers going hammer bammer,bammer,bammer
thats because im ridding my mercedes around town
so give me a crown
im the new king of sound
you think im profound
but im a swagger
and my swagg is some type of stabber
like o.j. did some guy in a back ally
while you at home saying my i please have seconds aunt sally
but this rap is your just deserts
with those apple pie stains all over your shirt
part of this rap is to fast well you can eat its dirt
yeah with these girls i flirt
and we be freaking
a snitch stop talking while im speaking
man this aint a rap its a freestyle
man this situation is green
greenner than 8 mile



Zachary Alexander Jackson- Age 17
Prosperity In Prohibition

I am scarred from head to toe
Eyes; black, blue, and purple—
the red slushy I enjoyed, is in vertigo
My blurry vision stifled as my voice, and shame a sharper stab to the ego

Which is why, I sent Beowulf to return my empty hands,
Hands holding weights of that virulent inception
stark contrast to the contrary I am at peace and without just anything to utter
I clench my fists and feel the rinds of oranges

I don’t know where I could be, yet shorter still I stab in the dark
The dark, stabs back,
at me...though,
my anguish is distilled and my love an alcoholism

I don’t choose to list the atrocities of the fruitless world I live in
I am questioning, and asking for love—
I want to spit on these arts;
Infectious as my interventions are,

Wanting to digest the stupor of this antithesis
I am void incarnate, and ever’thing is a squabblin’ foolishness
Loving in a dream, your empty passion—
a misfit now whole.

You are no longer despairing, yet ever ending
A prosperity in my prohibition of fear
and thine art not with me
But the tears and jeers of thy consternation

Assist me in my ignorance.
Making me weep for you as I wait for tea,
I was a contemplating disaccharides leading
normal lives
Yet the ‘nerdiness’ of my disposition is mutual

For now, now is the epitome of our new shackling infinity,
And our fatalism is not the pike on the end of our ignorance
Yet the fletching for my arrow,
hearing music like Pythagoras, I stab back against the people

Seeking prosperity; your prohibition, of my existential woe.
As long as I am allowed to be.
Exchanging our disconnections in hope
So that we might hope, so that I might hope.



Dianne Mercado- Age 13

Where to begin…
Why not start with the end?
When each side declared to win,
Only to find themselves to have fallen.

Every day it would be a new battle.
Every night the warning of bombs.
Every noon the launch of a nuclear shuttle.
Our entire world was wrong.

We’d claw through fire and smoke.
Through the debris of death and pain.
In salt our wounds would soak.
And from the sky blood would rain.

How did it come to this?
When did everything start to fall apart?
To turn back time was the root of every wish.
To go back to that perfect start.

From the shot of a gun
And the force of an explosion,
To the poor souls that were done.
There was no possible solution.

The battlefield was stained
With sorrow and regret.
There was no time for strength to regain,
Every fight would not let us forget.

Then it all stopped.
No side had won.
Of our futures we were robbed.
Our bleak souls were gone.

Bit by bit,
We picked up our lives.
Sometimes at the end of our wits,
We barely could survive.

Scars of time still remain,
In us and in others forever,
How the nightmares remained.
So that we will remember.

Inspired by:
In Flanders fields the poppies grow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place, and in the sky,
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
~John McCrae



Dianne Mercado- Age 13
Poem 2

Life is a journey
With sharp twists and sudden turns.
With constant battles to fight,
And even more things to learn.

As you grow older and mature,
You will discover and find new things.
Some good, some not so good.
But all will help you find your wings.

There will be many times,
When you will break down and weep.
But it is the fight and the outcome…
That gives you lessons to reap.

Find your courage.
Go and dare to do great things.
Take a step after another, and
Fill your heart with dreams.

Live your life
As if every breath is the last.
Breathe in deeply,
Smell the sunlight, the sky, and the grass.

Reach for the stars.
Forgive and move on.
Share hugs and give smiles.
Keep moving toward the dawn.

Cherish your memories.
Live life until your last breath.
Keep on learning and living.
Until everything has been done and said.

Inspired by:
In life we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream, and an unforgettable love. ~Diego Marchi


Claudia White- Age 15
Poem 1

And there comes a time,
When you don't care what you lose.

As long as it goes away. All of it.
Just go away.

And leave me to drown by myself.

I am the best company that I could ask for in a time like this.
Leave me to myself.

Let me die in peace.


Claudia White- Age 15
Poem 2

Indifference. Ferocity. Violence that knows no race, no species, no gender.
The gnarled insides of a once peaceful being.

A snap. A lethal vengeance. A ruthless tongue of molten steel, forged to rip open the throats of the unworthy and the ignorant.

A body built on a steel frame, with features to fool you into seeing beauty; symmetry ; extraordinary.
A clever trick to hide away an acid touch.

A lure for the innocent. Undeniable to the quick-minded. Consuming.

A mind, once pure, turned to ash. When sunshine eyes turn hollow, with the memories of what should have been.

A jaw like a steel trap,
housing teeth of razors.

There is no heart here. Only an extra mind, full of memories that were.

I am anonymous. And I walk on no earth of yours.



Victoria- Age 15

I will never give up.

You see that heavy horizon sinking to the earth’s floor?

Well that is my heart sinking every time I remember it is me alone with a small burning fire that has been quickly snuffed out in the weakness of being on my own that has lit it.

I have for you whenever a mere thought to never be arrives, an arrow piercing straight through my unguarded chest.

It is a strike that will not only break me into thousands of unsure little pieces but it may stir the chemical waste land that only reeks at the depths of my open ocean.

To be the broken city of glass precariously glimmering in your precious sunlight.

This is my one untouchable crystal of hope lingering inside of me while you silently leave with the rest.

It appears to be nothing at the dark of my night, only it is by this piece of nothing that I still have my glimmer.
My glimmer,



Isabella Gong- Age 17
Don't Sin!

We are always told to never sin
-especially in math
do not turn your paper in
or face my teacher's wrath

Do not leave it as sin
Put it as sin x
otherwise you've committed a sin
and she'll come after you next

She sternly lectures us
that sinning is an offense
And like a kid on the wrong bus
it will make you look very dense

Do not become a sinner
It doesn't make her smile
You only become a loser
with less than a 10 percentile


Taylor Munson- Age 17
Coffee Shop

I met them at a coffee shop in Brooklyn:
Lyric has summersaults for eyes and orders her soul every morning
With a body as fragile as a promise and her back, a map of inked insecurities
She dreams like a crippled constellation, half-stepping to steal back her shine
Her mind is a sermon of could-nots and should-bes
She believes in everything, but the baptisms in her own tongue
Brook is a firecracker with a heartbeat, but momma never told him fireworks aren’t spark beautiful in the day time
See his shine
Is a rhyme wrapped in a pinky promises' bed sheets
A secret not seen enough to be powerful, but too powerful to not be seen or heard
His words digest like a cup of broken sunrise you are all too eager to sip
But Brook believes in nothing except the brewing galaxies in Lyric
And I’ve been watching them for awhile now
Seen time time-travel to earthquake rib cages and back
Break in the ghost hands of careless lovers
And mend in the sandcastle limbs of each other
Like the notes of an unsung hymn
Like the belly of composition with a bleeding pen
They couldn’t help but love the them they found in one another's sins
Again, love tricks sweaty palms into thinking they're flawless
But Brook whispers to Lyric, "I just wanted you to know, I think your flaws are flawless
I drew an image of the perfect woman, and she jumped ship the second she saw you
Said setting sail on your hello is a privilege undeserved
So this is me, wading on the words of wonder
Wondering if constellations are the product of fading stars and fireworks

In humble hopes my burning soul birthed the spark in your eyes
Every day I've watched you sip sunrise like a prayer in the pocket of morning
And sing glory to God for giving music a face
If love were based on praises, my hands would be a Hallelujah Chorus"
And she said, "Eulogizing a wild thing is falling in love with the wind
I’m warning you, I’m too broken to be beautiful and too used up to be yours
My chest is an exit sign, a revolving door
That only knows how to let people leave, but still struggles letting things go
I’m not worth holding on to, because I can’t guarantee the same
Don’t let the name fool you
Not every song has a happy end.
And though I’m the furthest thing from Mint Condition
I'll keep breaking your heart"
Witty as always, Brook replies, "I heard someone say, the plus side of a broken heart is being able to see inside of it
I've read yours scar to scar
And fallen in love with every part
So when you're ready to know what safety feels like
I'll be waiting"






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