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First Place Teen Poetry Contest Winner, 2012

Cracks in the Ceiling

by Krystal Silas

Spider-webbed above my head
Laying here on my bed

Staring at the ceiling

Fingers tracing ‘long the cracks
Big, soft pillows at our backs

Staring at the ceiling

Wind that batters
Through the storm
Sighing weary, tired, and warm

Staring at the ceiling

We make up countries
Of different shapes
A world no longer
Torn by hate

Staring at my ceiling

Laughter, tears, joy and sad
Speaking to me, no longer mad

Staring at my ceiling

Bits of brick and popcorn dust
Raining down, down on us

Staring at your ceiling

Tears are dried and no longer cried
Regret and hate have all now died
As we lay here

Staring at our ceiling.


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