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First Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2010


I am From

by Inecea McCray

age 15

I am from multiple kids running around
From diapers and toys
I am from the playground
(Loud and fun
Making me smile)
I am from the beach
West Palm Beach
Like salty greens

I am from the UCF graduate
From the gold and black
I am from the he is not around
From the "I don't think about him anymore"
I am from the new dad in my life
From the "I'm here for you"
I am from the intelligence
And experienced
From stop crying and don't get smart with me
I am from wait until you are older
And the promises I had to take

I am from the McCray, Robinson, and Ellis
Macaroni & cheese and sweet potatoe pie
The scars my parents have from their childhood
And the memories of my grandfathers time in the war

In my closet where the brown chest sits
Filled with awards and pictures from over the years
I see them and stare
Remembering the times that have passed
I am from those pictures
Times of fun and joy with the people I love

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