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First Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2009



by Ariana Anzola

age 16

The African sun blazing down on his shoulders,

The heat...

The sand...

A dry throat begging for water.

A photographer walks along... looking...

Looking for refuge in a UN food base.

His camera in hand.

Thoughts of a warm meal

And a full belly.

The photographer,

Careless in thought,

Comes across a bundle.

He thinks it's an animal and comes close.

A child...

A dirty




The child's head is so swollen,

Her belly so bloated,

Her body so weak,

She can only crawl.

Thoughts of a simple bread meal

Bring joy to her spirit

The photographer

Shocked at the sight

Takes a picture...

Takes a picture and walks away...

Walks away with a broken heart...

A broken heart who did not help

A poor child being stalked by a waiting vulture.

I see this picture and cry

For a child who had nothing

For a man with no heart

I feel pity for a child

Crawling in a barren world.

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