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First Place Bust-a-Rhyme Poetry Contest Winner, 2006


I Live in a World

by Maria Cury

I live in a world where

You're lucky to see more stars

In the sky than fingers

On your hand, and

You gotta turn on the alarm before you

Leave the house, and

While you're in it.

I live in a world of

Super-sizers and carb-counters and

Old elephants and donkeys

Trying to get into a

Big, White House.

I live in a world where

People get all up in your

"Grill" and "caddy shack,"

And there's homies and the

Homeless and some in between.

I live in a world with

Mall carts and parked cars

On the side of the road,

Selling turtles and what not, and

Ladies in department stories saying

"Here, try this perfum," and

Gentlemen in suits saying

"I'm late, I'm late to my meeting," and

Nobody really wants to be there and

We're allergic to perfume anyway.

I live in a world where

The say "good evening" and

"How are you" and

Don't wait for a reply,

and the food courts are too crowded with

People, and there's not enough air.

I live in a world with

TV dinners and take out and

Just-stir Jello and

Just-add-water cake mix

And not-so-French fries and

New York-Italian pizza.

I live in a world of

Compact disks and

Studs with "bling" and

Car wheels that are "eye-candy" and

Old candy shops that are "eye-sores"

And doctors that just make you see better.

I live in a world where

The eleven o'clock news is

Telling you to watch the eleven-thirty news

And the fashion channel's telling you "dress like this," and

The sports channel's telling you "play like this,"

And there's labels and tags and

The designer ones are best,

And shorts are never too short and

Pants never too low,

I live in a world where

Life is beautiful and it's

Kinda funny 'cause

You're all living in it too.

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