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Letter to the Editor

April 15 - 21 is National Library Week. To coincide with the occasion, the Orange County Library System is kicking off a public awareness campaign to educate residents about the incredible array of resources available at the library - all free of charge.

The campaign’s slogan is Take Know for an Answer. Knowledge is our product and there’s plenty of it on tap at the library. Beyond books, there are newly released DVDs and online resources. Orange County libraries provide access to new technologies as well as language-learning and computer skills for a prepared workforce.

Our libraries support preschoolers learning to read, elementary students and through our gaming initiative, they also provide a safe and engaging place for teens. Libraries have evolved into vibrant community centers – offering lectures, films, art exhibits and musical performances that contribute to a lifetime of learning and pleasure. Vital, attractive libraries help define a community and places that lack good libraries are uninviting to businesses and individuals looking to locate there.

A progressive library system is an investment not only in the future of Orange County and our children, but in the enrichment of the lives of everyone who currently lives, learns in and loves this community.

So if you see a library billboard or public service ad inviting you to Take Know for an Answer, we hope you will. You’ll be glad you did.

Matthew D. Pardy
2007 President, Board of Trustees
Orange County Library System

Beyond Billboards

Can't see the video? Download the latest version of Flash here.

In addition to billboards which take our message to the streets, a 30-second TV spot complements the campaign.

Staff in the Know

Discover why OCLS employees love life in the stacks and are glad they took "Know for an Answer." Check out all the staff.

"I love working for the Orange County Library System. I love the people I work for (patrons) and the people I work with, especially the West Oaks staff. I like the fact that I don't have to have all the answers, I just need to know where to look." - Jim Baker

"Working for OCLS affords me the opportunity to be all I can be - through the many opportunities for advancement and training - OCLS is very tech-savvy, just take the time to investigate the many online databases we support." - Beverly-Ann Galloway

"I enjoy working for OCLS because I get to be part of an organization that is at the forefront of innovative customer service. We are always striving for new and creative ways to meet the needs of our users!" - Ken Gibert

"I love working with people and connecting them with the information they are looking for. Knowing you have helped someone and seeing the excitement in their eyes makes this fun, not a job." - Carolyn McClendon

"OCLS thrives on customer service and innovation. That translates into a workday full of creativity, ideas and opportunities to help people. There is always a new service or technology to explore, so I'm constantly learning." - Jamie Conklin

Do you Take Know for an Answer?

You do? Fabulous! Then you know how great Orange County libraries are for free books, new DVDs, computer training, reading groups, meeting authors, art exhibits, and entertaining programs for children and adults.

Tell us how you Take Know for an Answer and share your story by e-mailing it to us. And see how people just like you Take Know for an Answer at the Orange County Library System in this new series of videos!

If you don't Take Know for an Answer, you're missing out! Check out your local library and get in the know today.


Things to print! Be reminded and proud that you're Take Know for an Answer every time you read a book! Print out your very own Take Know for an Answer bookmark available in four colorful styles. Pick your favorite or print them all!

Take Know for an Answer Top Ten:

  1. We have bilingual materials, classes and programs for Spanish and Haitian Creole speakers.
  2. You can check out the newest DVDs for free on the day the DVD is released.
  3. There are five branches open on Sundays: Orlando Public Library, the Alafaya Branch, the North Orange Branch, the South Creek Branch and the West Oaks Branch. All book drops are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. You can receive Library news at home! Sign up to receive our eNewsletter or our RSS feeds.
  5. Love music? Love art? Love… food? The Library has fun and educational programs available at all the branches.
  6. Know your business: the Library has resources available to help you succeed in your field and take your business to the next level.
  7. Don’t fear the FCAT or any test! LearningExpress Library helps you practice to a perfect score.
  8. You can have books, cds and certain DVDs delivered right to your home.
  9. You can learn a new language! You can learn how to quit smoking! There are many online resources available to library card holders that can help you with everything from health to finances.
  10. Kids can L-E-A-R-N how to read with Alphabet Bites!
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