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Are brainiacs simply born? Is there such thing as a genius gene? Possibly. But it’s a lot more likely that the world’s smartest grownups started out as kids who simply loved to learn. And that passion lasted a lifetime. Good news. There’s a great place right around the corner where the learning isn’t just fun – it’s free!


This easy-to-use online guide helps you determine your child’s skill level, strengths and weaknesses in a number of areas, including reading, math, basic concepts and skills, health, safety, and art education, and you’ll find additional learning resources right at your local library.


Fun-filled game or serious learning activity? Alphabet Bites is a little bit of both. This interactive tool incorporates spoken words, games, reading, videos and online activities to help children learn their ABC’s. Even the littlest tykes can take a turn.


Animated, talking picture books teach young kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. So much fun, it won’t even feel like learning! Also en Español!


TumbleBookCloud is an online collection of read-alongs, e-books, graphic novels, audiobooks and educational videos for older elementary, middle school and high school students. Imagine, reading Romeo and Juliet, then watching a performance in the Globe Theatre, travelling back to King Arthur's court in a graphic novel all before hitching a ride on a pilot whale off the coast of Hawaii with National Geographic. It's all possible with TumbleBookCloud!


Our storytellers provide ongoing programs for children and parents throughout the community, including:

Weekly Storytimes:
Our storytellers provide ongoing programs for children and parents throughout the community for children from birth to age 5. Children will enjoy stories, finger plays, and songs with rhythm, rhyme and repetition to encourage development of verbal and listening skills.

Children's Programs:
Take part in programs featuring books, crafts, activities and special guests for all ages!

Teen Programs:
Teens can attend programs such as Animanga or Performing Arts club, enter art and writing contests, or volunteer at the Library.


Looking to improve your students’ test-taking skills and help them raise their scores? Our wide selection of books, online study guides and FCAT-preparation tools provides students of every grade level with the assistance they need to perform confidently on test day.

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