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So you’re ready to move up in the world! Land a new job. Find a more fulfilling career path. Achieve financial security. Finally take your own destiny into your own hands. Sounds great, right? The only problem is, you have no idea where to begin. Good news. The first step to a better future happens to be right around the corner.


OCLS offers a number of classes to help you strengthen your skills and become the kind of candidate that stands out in today’s crowded job market. You can:

» Learn to speak a new language or improve your English language skills

» Acquire proficiency in a range of software packages from beginner to advanced, whether you’re a PC or a Mac, the Library has classes for beginners and advanced learners in a range of software packages

» Develop a job-specific skill set for hot jobs by following one of our Course Tracks, such as administrative assistant or Web specialist


Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you need expert knowledge and current information to make smart business decisions. At OCLS, you can:

» Access valuable data from sources such as Morningstar without having to purchase a costly subscription

» Search databases to find new leads and prospects

» Utilize our public access computers or access our wi-fi network


From financial publications and seminars to state-of-the-art financial planning resources, OCLS offers a number of free tools to help you better understand and manage your personal finances. You can:

» Check out or download a wide selection of books written by financial experts

» Access a variety of financial periodicals and news sources

» Learn to use financial programs such as QuickBooks or how to create balance sheets with Excel

» Apply financial calculators to help develop a budget and a long-term financial plan

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