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Strategic Plan 2015

Strategic Area One: Establish the Library as an Institution of Lifelong Learning

A. The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center

  1. Evaluate & refine services
  2. Host Melrose Award
  3. Update software/hardware/evaluate new technology

B. Children's Learning Initiative

  1. Explore new early childhood learning programming
  2. Explore partnerships to provide tutoring opportunities
  3. Develop more STEM related activities and classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  4. Explore programs for special needs children (physical & developmental)

C. Adult Learning Initiative

  1. Explore the development of "clubs" for learning and community connection, e.g. chess, bridge, music
  2. Explore & create opportuinites to provide specialized learning - DIY, Cuisine Corner

D. Staff Learning Initiative

  1. Launch self-directed learning program
  2. Provide staff with the opportunity to enhance presentation skills
  3. Offer language learning opportunities for staff
  4. Provide an annual staff learning event

Strategic Area Two: Foster Community Engagement

A. Social Media Promotion

  1. Adapt strategies for diverse populations
  2. Enhance our ability to engage with people through a newly designed website
  3. Explore rebranding OCLS for the mobile age

B. Engage with/ in Community Content Development

  1. Conduct community awareness events
  2. Foster content development
  3. Look at our non-user groups and explore opportunities to increase registration

C. Promote our Learning Role to the Public, our Partners and the Library Community

  1. Pursue partnerships with other learning institutions
  2. Host creative art event
  3. Cultivate OCLS as a National Model for presentations, publishing and award opportunities
  4. Create marketing plan
  5. Identify two branch locations to provide targeted services to meet specific community interests

D. Pursue Funding Opportunities / Facilities

  1. Engage in selective fundraising opportunities
  2. Seek grants to fund initiatives
  3. South Trail Lease (2015)
  4. Prepare Chickasaw for opening

If you have any comments or questions please email us at

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