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What OCLS Customers Are Saying


March 2016

Keep up the good work and thank you so much for your excellent help! The library is a treasure in my life - I can get anything from books to movies, but the knowledge I acquire is priceless.

Joseline H., OCLS Patron via survey

January 2016

Four months ago I came to this country and the best thing that happened to me, besides sharing time with my husband, has been to find a marvelous place where I learn every day. I find kind and special people at the library.

Paulita O., OCLS Patron via survey

December 2015

I just wanted to let someone know about a couple of nice experiences I had recently at a couple of your branches within the last month or so. I've decided to start watching a television series and staff at the branches were really great about helping me find a couple of the discs in each of the first two seasons that I've checked out recently. I know it's part of the job description and probably not a big deal to take a couple of minutes to do that, but I just really wanted to let someone know that I appreciated how happy they seemed to help. So thanks, and I appreciate it!!

Jennifer C., OCLS Patron via e-mail

October 2015

THANK YOU for the automatic renewal! I happen to be out-of-state for the moment and look forward to a trip to my local branch upon my return. I LOVE the services available at the library, am an avid reader, and the staff is always so helpful and courteous.

Cheryl, OCLS Patron via e-mail

August 2015

I just wanted to send a great big thank you. I recently attended the Resume Writing Boot Camp and received very helpful tips to build a successful resume. I had a friend who I shared the information with as well. She followed the worksheets and recommendations for a resume that were handed out during the class. She revamped her functional resume based on the worksheets provided in class. Thanks to a great instructor and awesome worksheets, she got the job! She a recent college grad. Please continue offering these classes that help us and those in our community improve our skills.

Roxanne, OCLS Patron via e-mail

August 2015

It’s very interesting coming to visit OCLS. Here I can find most of the subjects I’m looking for: books, music, videos and journals. I don’t know other states’ libraries but OCLS offers a great opportunity for information at most levels. These opportunities I've never found in other countries I visited as well as my original country. I hope that Florida state government continues with its support to the education and general culture to the people that come to OCLS branches looking for a better education and information.

Raul, OCLS Patron via survey

April 2015

My children attend Vista Lakes Elementary School and I find having AR library books at the Southeast branch is really helping it make life easy for me and my children. Thank you for having AR books here.

Natasha, OCLS Patron via survey

April 2015

I would love to say a great huge thank you to the Southeast Branch and the staff for playing a huge role in my success of graduation with my A.A. in Pyschology! It was long days and nights on the computers but the staff here were so helpful! Thank you again for being a huge factor in this degree I received!

Deanna, OCLS Patron

December 2014

I am a 45-year-old male that up until five days ago had never set foot into a public library whatsoever. I am blown away by all the resources and up-to-date technology and how user friendly everything is. I have been to the Edgewater Branch four out of the five days since I've become a library cardholder. I've spent 90% of this time on the computer job searching and the rest of the time finding books and movies for my daughters.

Anthony, OCLS Patron via survey

July 2014

I absolutely love our library system!!! The website is so easy to navigate and they deliver the books right to your door step!!! Life is good! Thanks Orange County Library System (FL). 

A.S., OCLS Patron via Facebook

February 2014

I think you are doing excellent! Many times I come to the downtown Orlando library to learn by reading and using the computers. I am very thankful for information provided via computer on all library programs.  

Lisa, OCLS Patron via web comment

November 2013

I'm a third-year homeschooling mother of two, and our family depends greatly on the library for school resources as well as books, videos, and CD's just for fun. We are thankful for our library! I can't imagine homeschooling my children without a well-stocked library! I'm especially thankful for our library given the fact that my best friend in another state has been fighting to keep their library open. But just thinking that we might lose our library access is very sad to me. So I'm writing to say "thanks" for the OCLS and all the branches in our county that we can use! Thanks for serving us and for providing so many avenues for learning and growth! 

Alison, OCLS Patron via email

July 2013

[My experience in general over the past 37 years] We love the home delivery and how personal the service always is and how many resources are available. Of all the places I've lived and all the libraries I've experienced - OCLS is the main reason I keep moving back home to Orlando!!

OCLS Patron via survey

April 2013

Love e-books, home delivery, and DVD checkouts. This is an awesome library system.

Eileen L., OCLS Patron via Facebook

January 2013

OCLS is awesome. I have just moved back to Orange County. This library system is one of the best I ever encountered.

Eddie W., OCLS Patron via Facebook

December 2012

Your Zinio service is amazing, after being introduced to it by a Librarian, alongside the rest of your databases. I didn't realize that they could be economical to run, and will be a primary cornerstone of my work from hereon out. Thank you very much, and have a good night.

Andrea, OCLS Patron via email

May 2012

Regarding the Southeast Branch-The library is getting cooler and cooler they have good books and cool games. I love it!

Princessa, OCLS Patron

I enjoy the customer service at my local library. Every branch I have visited I find great employees with wonderful attitudes. I am finding in today's world customer service is becoming a lost skill. At the library I can enjoy customer service and appreciate it very much!

OCLS Patron via email

March 2012

I recently turned in my first PowerPoint at college and made a 100%! Until your classes I have never opened up PowerPoint muchless did anything with it! When I told my Professor she was more than impressed and could not believe that I am a PowerPoint expert from free library classes! My first Powerpoint was better than students PowerPoints that have been using PowerPoint for years! I was the only student that timed my slides and they flowed perfectly! My Professor and classmates found my PowerPoint to be very visually pleasing and well done! I am so proud! Again, I cannot thank you enough!

The skills you have taught me are really paying off in a big way! I am highly recommending your classes to people and I will be back for more real soon! I just had to share my success with you!

Andrea, OCLS Patron via email

January 2012

Just wanted to say thanks for allowing playaways to be checked out. They are so convenient during daily walks!

Jacqueline, OCLS Patron

November 2011

We're real voracious readers, and yours is the best library system we've ever seen!

Tim, OCLS Patron via email

April 2011

Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, iPhone & iPad apps... are these the places you expect to find your library?  'Cause that is where I can find mine!  The OCLS is leaps and bounds better than most public library systems!  I have been here on many occasions conducting research and I have found the reference librarians to be incredibly helpful.  The library offers books, cds, dvds, tons of public classes, and delivery services for tons of content.  This is not the library of yesteryear, but rather the library of tomorrow!

Joshua J. , Yelp.com Review

January 2011

I am a preschool teacher and mother of four. My children have grown up in the library. We've attended story times, workshops, and countless events. Each week the girls check out new videos and books. I check out a weeks worth of book to read to my VPK class. Whenever I'm stuck on a theme or lesson my awesome  librarians are there to bail me out. Thank you Orange County Library for helping me to be a fantastic mom and an awesome teacher!

Mrs. Myra , VPK Teacher

December 2010

I am one of those folks who have used your library system for years.  In January 2011, I will be 86 and I hope I will be able to read, read, read – using your library books for many more years.

Corinne Williams, OCLS Patron via Donations

November 2010

I frequently mention your library as a leader in technology. Just this week, I was telling a library in the mid-Atlantic that OCLS now offers an app that recommends titles when you shake the phone. What fun, and what vision.

Linda, Library Technology Consultant

October 2010

This is a very organized library. Everything in here is interesting, helpful. The staff is very professional. I really enjoy the library. Thank you for such a nice place and all your hard work.

Anna, OCLS Patron via Survey

September 2010

I truly believe we have an excellent library system and I am always surprised and amazed at all of the different types of services that are provided.

OCLS Patron via Comments

August 2010

If your library doesn't do home delivery, you're missing out. @oclslibrary rocks.

Jonathan C. (@thetruejonnyx), OCLS Patron via Twitter

July 2010

Just wanted to pass along my thanks and appreciation to OCLS staff for all your hard work and effort, and for the many great services you offer. I also love the convenience of viewing your catalog online and ordering books for home delivery and downloading music and eBooks.

Grace, OCLS Patron via Freegal Feedback

June 2010

Our staff count these libraries as their "first" libraries. @skokielibrary @oclslibrary @WatertownPubLib.

Boston Public Library staff (@BPLBoston), via Twitter

May 2010

I attended school in another city in Florida. The Orange County Library system is superior to my university and city libraries combined! I often bragged to other students and friends in that city about the system in Orlando.

OCLS Patron via Survey

April 2010

OCLS is one of the best (libraries) in the nation. I've lived lots of places and ALWAYS use the library system; love the library! But yours is top-notch - from inventory to customer service, programs, and special events. I am very thankful for all that you guys do! In fact, the main branch is one of two reasons my husband and I moved downtown. Thanks so much and keep up the good work! I promise to visit more regularly.

Robin, OCLS Patron

March 2010

I have not held a library card for many years, although I am an avid reader since childhood. I was absolutely shocked and delighted when I found all the resources that you have available. The staff far exceeded any expectations I ever could have imagined and home delivery is the best. I can't say enough about the library system, and I feel that I was truly welcomed into the Winter Garden Branch fold. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kathy, OCLS Patron

February 2010

…as an avid reader, I think that your delivery service should receive an Emmy, an Oscar and the People's Choice Award for being so wonderful…I don't just enjoy your delivery service - I LUV IT!

Suzan, OCLS Patron

January 2010

Recently found the library and I can't figure out why I ever stopped getting my books this way. So much has changed in the 35 years since I went to the library every week as a kid. Now I don't even have to leave home. It's wonderful!

Tiffany, OCLS Patron

December 2009

The staff at your Eatonville branch is fantastic! Each time I visited and explained the newest in my series of ongoing research projects, they responded with enthusiasm and professionalism, guiding me and helping me select interesting and appropriate resources. Their advice helped me complete several lengthy studies, and I received a strong "A" in the class.

Bryan, OCLS Patron

December 2009

The Orange County (Library) databases are great! I am working on a Master of Arts in Ethics. I have trouble using my online databases through my school, but the library’s databases are great! I have been able to find everything I need. You saved the day!

Sara Oxley, OCLS Patron

November 2009

We just love the library! You are so patient, friendly and accommodating. If all businesses were run as efficiently as the public library, there would never be any customer service issues.

Jerry Greer, OCLS Patron

October 2009

I am glad I have a library like yours. If it wasn't for the library and the use of the computers I would not have found a job. Thank you!

Kathy Benskin, OCLS Patron

September 2009

Thank you! The library is a priceless part of the community. We enjoy it constantly.

Joy Rector, OCLS Patron

August 2009

The library is like my best friend. When you’re old and you can’t get around, you need a friend, and the library is there for me. The library is just the best.

Helen Lewis, MAYL User

August 2009

I want to thank you for providing a world-class public library! I live near the Alafaya Branch and always enjoy my visits there. Your staff are always enthusiastic, courteous, and eager to help. I love taking my four-year-old daughter there to look for books and DVDs, and to sit and read her a story. I am proud that Orange County has an excellent library system and encourage you to keep up the good work!

Dan Lum

July 2009

As a former working mom who now stays at home with my daughter, I am continually impressed with the Orange County library system. We use your services, programs, and story times constantly.

Orlando Mom

June 2009

Our library is probably one of the best in the country! Appreciate all the services provided. Our tax dollars are well spent here; thank you for being so wonderful!

Judy Callahan

May 2009

My husband and I have been cardholders since 2005 and most often visit the Hoffner Avenue Southeast Branch. We are consistently, deeply impressed with the customer service and positive attitudes of all staff members. An extremely busy branch, the library is always filled with men, women and children of all ages and ethnic persuasions. Never once have we seen anything other than hospitable behavior from employees who always seem aware of shifting workloads and demonstrate a willingness to share those loads.

As well, we feel very fortunate to avail ourselves of your home delivery service. It is an incredible benefit and one we deeply appreciate.

In a time when so many business owners and, yes, government offices, seem either indifferent or outright rude to customers, OCLS absolutely shines as an example of work ethic, innovation, service and community.

Our sincere thanks for your fine organization.

Sandra and Leo Sheridan, OCLS Patrons

April 2009

As a city of Orlando resident and business owner, I am happy to see my taxes being used so thoughtfully in the Orange County Library System. I'm a parent of two small children, and we attend the Library's storytimes at the downtown branch, Leu Gardens, IKEA, and the zoo regularly. The storytellers are consistently friendly, endearing and helpful.

Thank you for all you do, and please keep up the good work (and the storytimes in the community).

Christina Cowherd, OCLS Patron

February 2009

The Library is incredibly useful and the people are always friendly. My favorite things include the huge selection and free home delivery, which I absolutely L-O-V-E! I love everything about the Orange County Library. Thank you so so much! Keep up the great work!

Shannon Rajnauth, OCLS Patron

January 2009

In times like these I'm thankful for wonderful places like the library. Keep up the good work.

Esther Ndorbor, OCLS Patron

December 2008

I am very pleased with the services and selection OCLS provides - especially home delivery of books. Thanks!

Judy Kirby, "Loyal" OCLS Patron

November 2008

Your personnel is always personal, helpful and courteous, and your service is beyond words to describe!

Beth Schnell, OCLS Patron

September 2008

I want to express how much I appreciate my Orange County Library System. Everyone I have ever worked with at the library is polite, helpful and willing to serve. Every tax dollar that is spent on the Orange County Library System is money well spent.

Barbara Browning, OCLS Patron

August 2008

Thanks to the library's wonderful free home delivery, I am still able to enjoy my DVDs even though I am unable to drive to get them.

Victor C. Brown, OCLS Patron

July 2008

Thank you very much for providing this service! I am unable to drive, so having OCLS has been really helpful to me. Thank you again.

Linda Cato, OCLS Patron

June 2008

OCLS staff members are dedicated and provide excellent customer service. 'Above and beyond' would be the words to describe library services. OCLS is a blessing to my kids and me.

Daisy Gonzalez, OCLS Patron

May 2008

I must tell you the OCLS is the best library system I have found in all my travels, in whatever state I am. It has the most current literature available and offers many wonderful services to enrich your life if you so desire, thanks again.

Janice, OCLS Patron

April 2008

Emailing patrons our due dates on our borrowed OC Library books. What a grand idea! I am dazzled by your customer service.

Dan Nedwick, Longtime OCLS Patron

March 2008

I have been using libraries for 68 years and feel OCLS is by far the best I have ever encountered. The collections are top notch. The librarians are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Carol Reagles

February 2008

I, myself have just gotten a library card and was shocked at how different it is from when I was a child. I love the e-mail reminder and all the capabilities and resources available online.

Angelina Cyprich

January 2008

I recently attended the downtown library's HTML 1 & 2 classes. Even with 20 years' experience in public relations/marketing, my current job is the first to require updating the Web site. What I learned in both classes (in just a few short hours and at no cost) has been a great addition to my work skills!

Mandy J. Kimmer, APR
Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator
The Club, Orange County Parks & Recreation

December 2007

I do appreciate your home delivery system - it is the best!

Zona Williams, OCLS Patron

November 2007

I really enjoyed the selection of great programs this month (November)!

Kristen Zucks, OCLS Patron

October 2007

Attaining my library card was the best decision I made this year - Thanks OCLS!

Drew O'Connell, OCLS Patron

September 2007

Many thanks for this wonderful MAYL service - I couldn't live without it!

Jean Crenshaw

August 2007

I think the Orange County Library System is one of the best things to happen for all readers in the county.

Z.B. Williams

May 2007

I’m pleased with your Computer Resource Center - whenever I need some assistance, whoever is available is always pleasant and knowledgeable. Please continue in this manner and also in providing these services to “our” community! Again, thank you and it’s always a pleasure for me to visit.

Library Patron

March 2007

The fantastic Orange County Library System, that you are a part of, made it possible for me to take full advantage of the Pimsleur Italian course on-line. I can't begin to tell you how happy and extremely satisfied I am with your Library system. I have enjoyed and made full use of so many of your programs since moving into the area in 1991. Grazie mille ancora una volta. Molto gentile da parte sua!

Library Patron

February 2007

I am a 2nd year law student at the new FAMU College of Law in Downtown Orlando. I just wanted to take a moment and write a note to you and your staff to express just how much I appreciate the Orange County Library. I just wanted to thank you all for all of the hard work and dedication that you put into making my life easier through the services that the library offers.

Audrey K. Hicks

I hope you are aware of how much the home delivery systems helps we seniors that sometimes are unable to go the the Library. Thanks,

Nan Trobaugh

January 2007

I know that Orange County is VERY, VERY FORTUNATE to have such a great library and I myself feel VERY BLESSED for what I have received from my wonderful library. I sing your praises any chance I get and I want you to know that everything that the entire staff does to give us our great library is SO VERY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU !!!


Give yourself 500 gold stars for great customer service!

Library Patron

December 2006

We use and enjoy the Library, both central and Southwest neighborhood branch! Thank you for all your good work.

Marion and Margaret Kennebeck

November 2006

I want to thank you so very much for all the deliveries that I've received. I'm a disabled person and I wouldn't be able to enjoy all the books and cds I requested from the library without the delivery servide. Thanks again for all of your time and efforts.

Sincerely, Connie Strohm

Regarding the Library's Summer Reading Program: Reading is the key to success! Keep this program going.

Debra Lupton

Just to let you know - I moved to Los Angeles last January. I enjoyed the use of your library while in Orlando and would like to let you know that it is very good even compared to the library here in Los Angeles.

Sincerely, Ellen McMahill

I have a 5 year old daughter. She started to read for herself about a year ago, so I decided it's time for her to venture out beyond her own little library in her room. We have gotten books from the Edgewater branch and the Eatonville branch, both of which are within a mile or two of our house. Both branches are very adequate and I'm thankful to be that close to a library. However I have really enjoyed taking my daughter to the Eatonville branch! What a wonderful place for children! They have a very inviting area for small children, and the employees are always friendly and helpful! I am blessed enough to have a computer at home but if I didn't, the Eatonville library has a great computer area with plenty of computers. I just thought you'd like to know, from a library visitor's point of view, what a gem you have in the Eatonville library branch!! Thanks!

Tara A. Crosby

Regarding our "MAYL" service: Thank you so much for this wonderful service!

Eva Lynn Faucette

October 2006

I recently visited Orlando and while my husband was attending a training, I made my way to your library (of course.) I had a great day there and it started when I walked in the door and was greeted by several staff members from behind their desks. The woman at the information desk was very helpful. I spent some time in the genealogy area, used a computer to check e-mail and attend to some business, made a purchase in the book shop and had lunch in the coffee shop. Everyone I encountered was friendly and helpful and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Thank you all for great service.

Betsy Paradis

September 2006

On behalf of Deerwood Elementary and the PTA, thank you and OCLS for your support of our Reading Challenge. The special event featured a talented storyteller and everyone truly enjoyed the performance. OCLS provided applications for library cards, pamphlets promoting various library programs, and more. Thank you again for everything. We hope we can work together in the future to promote literacy.

Jody G. Pomeroy

I stopped at the Herndon Branch Library to look for books on tape for a resident of the nursing home where I work who is losing his sight. The staff at Herndonwas quick to assist me with locating books on tape that might appeal to him and suggested a play-away and explained the advantages to me. I had never seen that type of item before and when I brought him the play-away he was thrilled as thetape player provided by the Society for the Blind was bulky and limited his usage. The play-away could be utilized anywhere he wanted in the building and was simple to operate. I have been going to the Herndon Branch since it opened and I have to say they are some of the most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Please keep up the good work and the smiling faces.

Barbara Romeo

June 2006

I want to thank the whole library staff. I've been using your library system for years and I can't believe the service and quality of service you have provided.

Thank You, James Meachem

May 2006

My sincere thanks and appreciation go to everyone at OCLS - especially the downtown facility where I go most often. Everyone always has been extremely helpful - answering questions, showing or telling how to do something, even walking me back to the "farthest" non-fiction corner to locate a book. Responses to online questions and problems also have been helpful, patient, and very timely. Thank you for giving Orlando and Orange County such a wonderful library system and experience.

Karen E. Dennis

OCLS - Orlando, Florida
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