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2010 Board Resolutions

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Resolution 10-049.1   Resolution to change the venue of the May 13, 2010 Library Board of Trustees Meeting.
Resolution 10-049.2   Resolution to serve alcohol at an after hours event on April 23, 2010.
Resolution 10-078   Resolution to approve Employment Policy Revisions.
Resolution 10-078.1   Resolution to change the meeting date of the September 2010 Library Board of Trustees Meeting.
Resolution 10-092   Resolution to approve the FY 2011 Budgets for the Operating, Capital Projects, Sinking, and Branch Debt Service Funds.
Resolution 10-093   Resolution to change the venue of the August 12, 2010 Library Board of Trustees Meeting.
Resolution 10-095   Resolution to authorize security and camera systems for Branches.
Resolution 10-095.1   Resolution to indemnify the Town of Windermere Police Department as a result of its enforcement of Rules 21 and 23 of the OCLS Rules of Conduct.
Resolution 10-110   Resolution to approve the documents required for State Aid to Libraries Grant for FY 2011.
Resolution 10-111   Resolution to approve the additional year to the Strategic Plan for FY 2013.
Resolution 10-112   Resolution to approve the Library Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2011.
Resolution 10-113   Resolution to approve the application for a Public Library Construction Grant for the Chickasaw Branch.
Resolution 10-128   Resolution to approve the Investment Policy Statement for other post employment benefits.
Resolution 10-129   Resolution to designate use of funds from the Vivian Esch Estate.
Resolution 10-131   Resolution to approve the suspension of staff assisted drive up window service.
Resolution 10-144   Resolution to approve Florida Safe Investment Pool.
Resolution 10-145   Resolution to change meeting date for the January 2011 Library Board of Trustees Meeting.
Resolution 10-148   Resolution to recognize the 40th Anniversary Fiesta in the Park Art Show.
Resolution 10-149   Resolution to approve the renewal of the South Trail Branch Lease.
Resolution 10-178   Resolution to establish a Friends of the Library Book Endowment in the name of James B. Tyson.
Resolution 10-179   Resolution to approve the FY 2011 Annual Plan of Service.
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