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2008 Board Resolutions

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Resolution 08-009   Resolution to approve Telecommunication Contract negotiations.
Resolution 08-039   Resolution to approve the revised Purchasing Policy.
Resolution 08-040   Resolution to approve the Investment Policy.
Resolution 08-041   Resolution to approve CB Richard Ellis Leasing Listing Agreement.
Resolution 08-042   Resolution to approve the serving of alcoholic beverages at Southwest Branch Library after hours event in May 2008.
Resolution 08-043   Resolution to approve the recommended changes to the Fine and Fee Schedule.
Resolution 08-045   Resolution to approve adjustments to the FY 2009 Budget.
Resolution 08-058   Resolution to revise the Rules of Conduct.
Resolution 08-060   Resolution to approve the Inter Library Loan fee.
Resolution 08-061   Resolution to approve the concept of new Fee-Based Services.
Resolution 08-077   Resolution to revise the Rules of Conduct.
Resolution 08-109   Resolution to approve the serving of alcoholic beverages at an after-hours event at the Orlando Public Library.
Resolution 08-110   Resolution to approve the purchase of new wireless access hardware and software.
Resolution 08-111   Resolution to approve the purchase of computers.
Resolution 08-112   Resolution to revise the Meeting Room Policy.
Resolution 08-113   Resolution to amend the FY 2008 Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule.
Resolution 08-115   Resolution to approve the FY 2009 Budgets for the Operating, Capital Projects, SInking, and Branch Debt Service Funds.
Resolution 08-131   Resolution to approve the documents required for State Aid to Libraries Grant.
Resolution 08-132   Resolution to approve the Library Board of Trustees Meeting schedule for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2009.
Resolution 08-133   Resolution to authorize Admininstration to close the Library to the public for Library Staff Development Day.
Resolution 08-134   Resolution to approve the reapplication process for the Public Library Construction Grant for the Chickasaw location.
Resolution 08-136   Resolution to adopt the proposed Library Strategic Plan.
Resolution 08-148   Resolution to approve the FY 2009 Annual Plan of Service.
Resolution 08-161   Resolution to approve the direct purchase of Chillers and Cooling Towers for the Main Library Chiller Replacement Project.
Resolution 08-163.1   Resolution to ratify the collective bargaining agreement between Orange County Library District and the Service Employees International Union, Florida Public Services Union.
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