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2004 Board Resolutions

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Resolution 04-011   Resolution to authorize the revision of the Rules of Conduct.
Resolution 04-012   Resolution to accept the audited financial states for Fiscal Year ended September 30, 2003 as presented by Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, C.P.A.
Resolution 04-013   Resolution to approve the first amendment to Lease Agreement for the Southeast Branch.
Resolution 04-031   Resolution to award the architectural contract in the amount of $74,5000 to ARC Associates, Inc. for the Main Library re-roofing project.
Resolution 04-048   Resolution to replace the Gifts, Bequests, and Grants Policy with revised Gift Policy.
Resolution 04-049   Resolution to award the plumbing contract to American Residential Services.
Resolution 04-050   Resolution to approve the proposal and contract with HKS Architects.
Resolution 04-051   Resolution to authorize Staff to expend up to $80,000 to purchase additional computers at the Winter Garden, Southeast, Hiawassee and Herndon Branches.
Resolution 04-066   Resolution to establish a Friends of the Library Book Endowment in the name of Phyllis Hudson.
Resolution 04-067   Resolution to recognize Staff Members involved in the Millennium roll-out effort.
Resolution 04-069   Resolution to terminate group annuity contract with the Hartford, approve contract documents with USI Consulting Group and Reliance Trust Company, and authorize Mary Anne Hodel to execute said documents.
Resolution 04-070   Resolution to authorize Staff to award the Radio Frequency Identification Solution (RFID) contract to 3M.
Resolution 04-072   Resolution to approve the establishment of an employment contract for the Library Director/CEO, to be executed by the Board of Trustees.
Resolution 04-089   Resolution to revise the Internet Access Policy in order to fully comply with the CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) requirements so as to remain eligible for desired grant funding.
Resolution 04-092   Resolution to approve the lighting upgrade for the third floor west wing from Chem-Light Plus in the amount of $49,026.
Resolution 04-093   Resolution to approve the purchase of carpet for the third floor west wing from Interface Flooring in the amount of $79,216.
Resolution 04-094   Resolution to approve Change Order #8 (terrazzo flooring) to the Winter Garden Library construction contract with APM Construction Corporation and authorize staff to execute Change Order #8 in an amount not to exceed $54,000.
Resolution 04-095   Resolution to approve the lease amendment to revise the reduced size of the branch library in the Town of Eatonville to 6,600 square feet and to reduce the annual lease payment to $60,564.
Resolution 04-096   Resolution to discontinue access to MAYL (Mail Access to Your Library) on new fee cards purchased after June 1, 2004.
Resolution 04-111   Resolution to approve the Preliminary Budgets for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2005.
Resolution 04-113   Resolution to purchase and install 3M RFID tags and self check-out equipment at the North Orange Branch.
Resolution 04-128   Resolution to adopt the Year Six proposal to be added to the OCLS Strategic Plan.
Resolution 04-129   Resolution to change the September 9, 2004 Board Meeting location to the South Trail Branch Library.
Resolution 04-130   Resolution to purchase public and staff computer equipment.
Resolution 04-132   Resolution to approve the amended and restated Law Collection Interlocal Agreement between OCLS, Orange County and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).
Resolution 04-146   Resolution to purchase additional camera equipment for the Main Library.
Resolution 04-147   Resolution to fill the Talking Books position and resume mailing items from OCLS to local patrons.
Resolution 04-149   Resolution to approve the final budgets for the Operating, Capital Projects, Sinking, Main Debt Service, and Branch Debt Service Funds for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2005.
Resolution 04-150   Resolution to authorize Administration to close the Library to the Public for Library Staff Development Day.
Resolution 04-151   Resolution to implement an online office supply ordering system.
Resolution 04-152   Resolution to approve after hours Library facilities rental and permission to serve alcohol.
Resolution 04-153   Resolution to revise the Alcoholic Beverage Policy.
Resolution 04-154   Resolution to approve the documents required to State Aid to Libraries Grant.
Resolution 04-156   Resolution to approve the Branch Development Plan.
Resolution 04-170   Resolution to approve the Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule for Fiscal Year 2005.
Resolution 04-186   Resolution to honor Retiree Elazer Lindsay.
Resolution 04-189   Resolution to approve the Annual Plan of Service for Fiscal Year 2005.
Resolution 04-190   Resolution to approve the Age Requirement Policy for the Children's Areas and Club Central.
Resolution 04-192   Resolution to approve the First Amendment to Flexible Benefit Plan.
Resolution 04-209   Resolution to amend the Rules of Conduct to provide a three year trespass warning duration for patrons who violate rules 1 through 4.
Resolution 04-210   Resolution to amend the Privacy Policy.
Resolution 04-211   Resolution to approve the Concessionaire Agreement.
Resolution 04-212   Resolution to perform parking improvements at the Alafaya Branch Library.
Resolution 04-213   Resolution to purchase additional audio-visual display units for Branches.
Resolution 04-228   Resolution to amend the Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule: January 13, 2005 meeting location change from Winter Garden Branch to West Oaks Branch.
Resolution 04-229   Resolution to amend the Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule: May 12, 2005 meeting location change from West Oaks Branch to Winter Garden Branch.
Resolution 04-230   Resolution to award the Main Library re-roof contract in the amount of $993,000 to Weiss & Woolrich and to apply the approval limits in the Library's Purchasing Policy to any change orders.
Resolution 04-233   Resolution to accept the following Personnel Committee Recommendations: Library Director's salary increase of $10,000 and an increase of annual vacation accrual from three weeks to four weeks.
Resolution 04-233.1   Resolution to authorize the Library Director to engage services of legal counsel to amend the Director's Contract as deemed necessary.
Resolution 04-234   Resolution to ratify the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Orange County Library District and the Service Employees International Union, Local 8, AFL-CIO, CLC.
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