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2003 Board Resolutions

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Resolution 03-013.1   Resolution to honor retiree John Martin.
Resolution 03-013.2   Resolution to honor retiree Waldence Cohen.
Resolution 03-013.3   Resolution to honor retiree Dorothy Beard.
Resolution 03-013.4   Resolution to honor retiree Lois Walker.
Resolution 03-015   Resolution to amend the Board of Trustees By-laws.
Resolution 03-016   Resolution to approve the Reference Policy.
Resolution 03-017   Resolution to approve the purchase and installation of staff Citrix servers and Microsoft Office software applications.
Resolution 03-020   Resolution to amend the Southwest Library lease agreement.
Resolution 03-037   Resolution to provide access control at Branches.
Resolution 03-038   Resolution to approve the Branch Backbone Budget.
Resolution 03-039   Resolution to re-roof the North Orange Branch.
Resolution 03-055   Resolution to honor retiree Sally Hardy.
Resolution 03-057   Resolution to raise the library card registration age limit.
Resolution 03-058   Resolution to adopt a Purchasing Policy.
Resolution 03-059   Resolution to extend the Handyman Contract.
Resolution 03-077   Resolution to approve the Gratuities and Gift Policy.
Resolution 03-086   Resolution to approve selection of contractor for the Library Central Project.
Resolution 03-087   Resolution to approve the Library Central construction project change order approval limits.
Resolution 03-099   Resolution to approve Change Order #1 for the Winter Garden Branch Project.
Resolution 03-100   Resolution to close the Main Library on July 5 and July 6, 2003.
Resolution 03-118   Resolution to purchase carpet for Library Central.
Resolution 03-119   Resolution to purchase audio-visual display furniture.
Resolution 03-121   Resolution to approve preliminary FY 2004 Operating, Capital Projects, Sinking Fund, Main Debt Service and Branch Debt Service Fund Budgets.
Resolution 03-121.1   Resolution to approve the FY 2004 Millage Rates.
Resolution 03-140   Resolution to refinance existing loan with SunTrust and establish a line of credit with SunTrust for a total borrowing capacity of $7,500,000.
Resolution 03-141   Resolution to authorize the negotiation of a contract with Innovative Interfaces, Inc. to purchase the Millennium Library Automation System.
Resolution 03-145   Resolution to approve the Alcoholic Beverage Policy.
Resolution 03-160   Resolution to honor retiree Monika Cooper.
Resolution 03-161   Resolution to honor retiree Charlotte Bruce.
Resolution 03-163   Resolution to authorize Administration to close the Library to the public for Library Staff Development Day.
Resolution 03-164   Resolution to approve the contract of sale and purchase to formalize the sale of the West Orange Branch property to the City of Winter Garden.
Resolution 03-165   Resolution to approve the purchase of software and hardware to install thin-client technology on all public pc's.
Resolution 03-166   Resolution to approve the purchase of software and hardware to upgrade staff computers.
Resolution 03-167   Resolution to amend the FY 2003 Branch Debt Service Fund Budget to accommodate the refinancing of an existing loan.
Resolution 03-169   Resolution to approve the final budgets for the Operating, Capital Projects, Sinking, Main Debt Service, and Branch Debt Service Funds for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2004.
Resolution 03-171   Resolution to approve the OCLS merit increase schedule for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2004.
Resolution 03-188   Resolution to approve the Board of Trustee Meeting Schedule for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2004.
Resolution 03-189   Resolution to authorize the Director to execute a Library Automation Contract with Innovative Interfaces, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $555,000.
Resolution 03-190   Resolution to eliminate the designations for Main Library Improvements and Future Branch Development and designate $4,000,000 of the Library's Operating Fund reserves for future Strategic Plan expenditures.
Resolution 03-191   Resolution to approve the documents required for State Aid to Libraries Grant for Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2004.
Resolution 03-192   Resolution to authorize the Staff to raise the limit of the circulation of DVD's from three (3) to five (5) effective October 1, 2003.
Resolution 03-192.2   Resolution to approve the purchase of plasma display equipment for the Library Central Project.
Resolution 03-212   Resolution to honor retiree Cynthia Willie.
Resolution 03-213   Resolution to honor retiree Gail Carroll.
Resolution 03-214   Resolution to honor retiree Don Royster.
Resolution 03-216   Resolution to approve the Annual Plan of Service required for State Aid to Libraries Grant.
Resolution 03-217   Resolution to appoint Mary Anne Hodel, Carla Fountain, and Bob Tessier as Plan Administrators for the Flexible Benefit Plan.
Resolution 03-220   Resolution to elect the Board of Trustees President for Fiscal Year 2004.
Resolution 03-220.1   Resolution to elect the Board of Trustees Vice President for Fiscal Year 2004.
Resolution 03-224   Resolution to name the Winter Garden Branch Library meeting room, the Heritage Room.
Resolutions 03-225.1   Resolution to approve the serving of alcoholic beverages at the Library Central Fundraising Gala, November 1, 2003.
Resolution 03-226   Resolution to request Staff to draft a plan, for future, regarding the posting of Patriot Act information.
Resolution 03-244   Resolution to honor retiree John Moffett.
Resolution 03-246   Resolution to approve the revised Meeting Room policy.
Resolution 03-248   Resolution to approve the posting of the U.S. Patriot Act notice as recommended by Staff.
Resolution 03-249   Resolution to approve the recommendations to increase the Library Director's annual salary to $145,000.


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